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Who is talking nonsense in the US election?

Who is talking nonsense in the US election?

by YCPress

On the evening of November 7, US time, the Democratic presidential candidate Biden announced that he had won the 2020 US presidential election.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau was the first to congratulate Biden in the first place. Subsequently, the other allies of the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia all broke the convention and congratulated Biden on his election without waiting for Trump to announce his defeat.

Obviously, the US allies hate Trump

Therefore, regardless of etiquette, they abandoned Trump before the result of the general election was officially confirmed. So ruthless, so blatant, tearing off the mask of politeness, and not giving the current president of the United States of America a little bit of face.

Trump, tasted the cold and warmth of the world overnight.

Subsequently, a joke quickly swept the screen. This paragraph says: In 2020, Trump finally, like many Americans, was infected with the new crown pneumonia and lost his job.

In fact, even if Trump loses the election, he will not lose his job. High treatment outgoing President of the United States , first of all is that he will get the sum of the outgoing transition costs, $ 1.5 million, to arrange the transition from president to civilian life this period of time, followed by a $ 200,000 annual pension , as well as State-equipped offices, office staff, and lifelong protection of the Secret Service, etc.

Regarding the question of who wins and loses in the US general election, an intriguing phenomenon has emerged in the world. US allies congratulate Biden on his victory, but countries that are not US allies are not in a hurry to express their views.

On November 9, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at a regular press conference: We have noticed that Mr. Biden has announced his successful election. We understand that the outcome of the general election will be determined in accordance with US laws and procedures.

There is a mystery in Wang Wenbin’s speech. “The result of the general election will be determined in accordance with U.S. laws and procedures.” What are U.S. laws and procedures? It is the electoral vote.

Americans elect the president. Many foreigners have a misunderstanding. They think that the American election is the same as the election cadres. Everyone has one vote, and whoever gets more votes will become president. In fact, this is not the case. In the US general election, there is a unique set of “rules of the game.” Getting more votes does not mean winning the election. In the last U.S. election, in 2016, Trump of the Republican Party faced Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party. Clinton won more than 2.8 million popular votes than Trump, but lost to Trump. Why is this? This is because Trump got 304 electoral votes, while Hillary only got 227 electoral votes.

Seeing that, the electoral vote is the decisive vote . So what is an electoral vote?

More than 100 million voters in the United States hold universal votes. They vote for presidential candidates on a state-by-state basis. If a simple majority of voters in this state vote for the Republican Party, then the winner takes all. All electoral votes in this state All belong to the Republican Party.

How many electoral votes does a state have? Quite simply, it is the number of deputies in this state plus the number of senators. For example: New York State has 2 senators and 27 representatives, so there are 29 electoral votes. The number of members of the House of Representatives in each state is determined in proportion to the population. Therefore, states with a larger population have more members of the House, and this part of the electoral votes. However, the number of senators in the United States is assigned rigidly. Regardless of the population, there are two senators from one state. Therefore, even the smallest state has two senators.

Why not directly determine the outcome by popular vote? U.S. experts explained that that would cause candidates to ignore states with small populations. Three states, such as Alaska, Delaware, and Wyoming, have very small populations. Under the Electoral College system, they each have three electoral votes, and the total is 9 votes.

According to this system design

2020 US presidential election has not officially ended

Because the electors of the states will not meet to formally vote until December.

In theory, these electors must promise to vote in accordance with their party’s decision. Therefore, the electoral votes are not suspenseful, but there have been cases in history where electors defected to evade votes.

It’s 2020, who knows what will happen? Who knows if there will be an electoral black swan?

The 2020 US presidential election is stuck.

The current situation is that US Attorney General Barr has written to federal prosecutors authorizing federal prosecutors to investigate a large number of violations involving voting. US Senate Republican Leader McConnell also publicly stated that Trump absolutely has the right to request an investigation of violations of laws and regulations in the election. McConnell said that he filed a number of legal proceedings against Trump to challenge the results of the election and expressed his support. He believes that Trump may challenge the election process in at least five states.

This time, the former Republican President Bush Jr. is the most gracious. He congratulated Biden on his election and said that Trump has the right to file legal proceedings.

Very decent and fair.

Twenty years ago, the Democratic Party’s Al Gore had a full 36 days of trouble, and Bush Jr. waited for him 36 days, showing grace.

In 2020, this is only more than ten days. Biden and the others are so anxious that they will say anything ugly. Trump is embarrassed and Trump is ugly.

The Democratic Party is so anxious, does it look good?

Americans love to talk about procedural justice, procedural justice is only after the electoral vote, right? Biden has been thinking about being President of the United States for decades. What difference does it make to wait another 20 days?

On November 10th, US time, Trump’s Secretary of State Pompeo said that Trump won the 2020 election. January 20 next year is the beginning of Trump’s second term.

I don’t know if Pompeo opened his eyes and said nonsense or Biden opened their eyes and said nonsense. The information is very confusing.

Trump was named “King of Understanding” by netizens. He said he knew everything. His mantra was, “No one knows anything better than me.” No one knows windmills better than me, and no one knows technology better than me. No one understands viruses better than me, no one understands architecture better than me, no one understands trade better than me… etc.

Understand this and that, what Trump knows best is actually funny. He does not understand the king, he is the king of funny. 

If Trump loses the presidency, the world will lose a funny king.