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WHO: More than 150 million new confirmed cases worldwide

WHO calls for fair and effective use of the coronavirus vaccine

by YCPress

January 29th local time, the WHO held a regular press conference on COVID-19.

WHO Director-General Tedros said that there have been more new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the past two weeks than the first six months combined.

Now the coronavirus vaccine provides another opportunity to control the epidemic, which must not be wasted.

Tedros pointed out that more coronavirus vaccines are being developed, approved and produced, and there will be enough vaccines for everyone in the future.

But the current coronavirus vaccine is a limited resource and must be used as fairly and effectively as possible.

WHO calls on countries to vaccinate health workers and older adults against COVID-19 and share additional vaccines with COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation Plan.

At the press conference, Mariangella Simang, Assistant Director-General of WHO, said that WHO has launched an evaluation of two coronavirus vaccines provided by China National Pharmaceutical Group and Kexing Company, which is currently in the late stage of evaluation.

In addition, the WHO team is inspecting its relevant facilities in China.