Home Politics White House Spokesperson Says Democrats “Welcome” Fraud Fox to Cut Live
White House Spokesperson Says Democrats "Welcome" Fraud Fox to Cut Live

White House Spokesperson Says Democrats “Welcome” Fraud Fox to Cut Live

by YCPress

November 10th. On the 9th local time, Fox News Network of the United States broadcasted the press conference of White House Press Secretary McKennaney. When McKennaney mentioned that the Democratic Party “welcomes” fraud and illegal voting, the anchor quickly cut off Live.

According to the US “Capitol Hill” report, McKennaney accused the Democratic Party of “welcoming” fraud and illegal voting at the press conference. McKennaney stated that she spoke in her personal capacity. 

In her speech, she said that the election was “not over yet” and that Republicans “just started an accurate and honest vote counting process”. 

She also accused Democrats of opposing the voter ID law, verifying signatures and other identification evidence, and preventing observers from watching the vote count during the election. 

McKennaney accused Democrats of saying: “You take these positions because you don’t want an honest election. You’welcome’ fraud and illegal voting.”

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto cut off the live broadcast after hearing this remark, and did not resume the live broadcast. Cavuto said: “I just decided that we have to make it clear that she accused the other party of’welcome’ fraud and’welcome’ illegal voting.

Unless she has more details, I can’t continue to show you this. I want to confirm, maybe They do have evidence to support this, but this is explosive news. The other party is actually manipulating and deceiving. If she does bring evidence, I will cut it back.”

On the morning of November 7, local time, the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), CNN, The Associated Press, The Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.

announced that the Democratic President Candidate Joe Biden was the first to win 270 electoral votes. According to US election rules, if the final result is confirmed to be valid, Biden will be successfully elected as the 46th and 59th President of the United States. 

At 8 pm local time on the 7th, Biden and Harris declared victory in Wilmington, Delaware, and gave their speeches on the election. The Trump campaign filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Michigan on the 4th, all of which were rejected.