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White House: Biden does not govern on Twitter

White House: Biden does not govern on Twitter

by YCPress

According to the Hill on the 21st, Kate Bedingfield, director of the White House Communications Liaison Office, stressed that President Biden will not try to “overtake” former President Trump in terms of tone or frequency of using social media.

Kate Bedingfield, Director of the White House Communications Liaison Office

In an interview with the media, Bedingfield said: “I can say for sure that President Biden will not break the news on Twitter at 1 a.m. Trump has attracted so many fans and generated so many views by releasing this divisive and often hateful impactful content.

But we never tried to outsce him in that respect, and that’s not the real President Biden.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki stressed that Biden’s team rarely discussed his predecessor internally.

“The truth is, we just don’t spend much time talking about Donald Trump or thinking about him internally,” she said.

Most of our internal calls don’t talk about Trump at all.

I think most of us spend much less time on Donald Trump than the media or some of the public think.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

Pushaki also said that although under the Biden administration, the senior White House communication team is all composed of women, which is historic, that is the position they have established by becoming “the best in the industry”.

She said: “It is indeed ‘women first’, but we are the best in the enterprise. This group of women is the best in the industry.

That’s why we can take up these jobs. Not because we are women…we should celebrate that we are all women, but more importantly, we are the best team, which is why we are here.

Hours after Biden was sworn in, Pushaki held his first White House press conference for Biden on Wednesday and pledged to resume daily White House press conferences under the leadership of the Biden administration.