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White House Advisors Calling People to "Rebel"

White House Advisors Calling People to “Rebel”

by YCPress

On November 16, Scott Atlas, the White House’s Coronavirus pandemic consultant, was severely criticized by all walks of life for calling on the public to “rise up against” the Michigan government’s new epidemic prevention regulations. 

The mainstream media generally believed that Atlas’ remarks were intended to use his identity to facilitate the use of public opinion and incite riots.

Atlas’ remarks also reflect the various challenges on the path of the United States in fighting Coronavirus pandemic: weak awareness of pandemic prevention, politicization of scientific issues, and difficulty in reaching consensus across the country, all of which have seriously hindered the United States’ efforts to fight the pandemic.

Multi-state implementation of new anti-pandemic regulations and mass resistance

Recently, as Coronavirus pandemic has intensified, more and more state governments in the United States have to announce that they will implement a series of new pandemic prevention regulations, including stay-at-home orders, mask injunctions, and closure of non-essential businesses.

From November 16th local time, the states of New Mexico and California began to implement a series of new pandemic prevention regulations. New Mexico issued a stay-at-home order, suspended indoor and outdoor dining in restaurants, and closed non-essential industries and outdoor recreational facilities such as parks. As many as 40 counties in California have entered the first-level emergency state of the pandemic, which means that the state may impose a curfew while closing non-essential industries.

In addition, Iowa, Michigan, Oregon, and Oklahoma have also implemented new anti-pandemic regulations. The governor of Iowa changed his previous rejection of masks and announced the implementation of a mask injunction on November 17. Michigan’s new pandemic prevention regulations are more stringent. Starting from November 18th, private gatherings will be limited to a maximum of two families. At the same time, entertainment venues such as movie theaters will be closed, and restaurants will be prohibited from opening indoor spaces. At the same time, high schools and universities will Continue to use remote teaching methods for teaching.

Although the states have introduced a series of measures to control the pandemic in hindsight, the previous series of government’s ineffective anti-pandemic and anti-scientific practices have caused many people to misunderstand Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, these measures are not ” “Buy it”; in addition, the new anti-pandemic regulations have seriously touched the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises, preventing them from operating normally, making the already difficult situation even worse. Therefore, protests against the new regulations are not only difficult to implement in many places, but they have also attracted criticism and protests.

On November 16, local time, some small and medium-sized enterprises in San Diego, California held a protest. They held up slogans such as “Save San Diego” and “Restart San Diego”, demanding to keep businesses open.

Some small and medium-sized business owners in San Diego held a rally and demonstration on November 16 to protest the new regulations on pandemic prevention and demand the opening of business

In addition, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Utah and other places have also recently protested against the new regulations. Among them, in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, students and parents gathered in front of the county health department to oppose the two-week suspension plan that began on November 23. Parents of students said that students studying online at home alone for a long time have caused various problems. “We are worried about the pandemic, but we are more worried about students’ mental health.” If the school insists on closing classes, more protests will be held.

Senior government officials take the lead in rebelling against the violent incidents that threaten public opinion

In fact, many of the protests and demonstrations that broke out in various places were inspired by government officials, and behind this was an extension of the struggle between the two parties. In addition to the improper remarks made by Atlas Counsel, the White House pandemic adviser, there have been constant voices from the top of the US government, taking the lead in opposing the active anti-pandemic policies of local governments.

The “Capitol Hill” reported on November 16 that Michigan State Representative and Republican Matt Maddock is rallying forces to try to impeach the Michigan Governor and Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, who advocates an active fight against the pandemic. Maddock claimed that more and more state legislators began to stand in his camp.

In addition, there are even more people holding up public opinion with the intention of intensifying conflicts, including President Trump himself. Earlier, only two days after Michigan Governor Whitmer issued the first round of stay-at-home orders on April 15, Trump tweeted: “Liberate Michigan!” In combination with Atlas’ remarks of “revolt”, the US media and public opinion have stated that the so-called White House pandemic advisor is nothing more than Trump’s microphone.

Trump’s remarks caused a great wave, and there are even radicals who intend to put it into practice. Just a month ago, 13 members of a right-wing militia conspired to kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer. Fortunately, the FBI was defeated by the FBI. The FBI stated that these extremists had raised a lot of money to buy explosives before being arrested.

In addition, the governors of Virginia and Ohio have recently become targets of kidnapping by right-wing organizations, but the conspiracy was detected by the FBI in time. The officials who became the targets of kidnapping were all Democrats who advocated the closure of businesses during the pandemic and the implementation of strict anti-pandemic measures such as stay-at-home orders.

The next government is full of difficulties

At present, the chaotic situation after the US presidential election has added great uncertainty to the future development of the pandemic. On November 16, local time, Biden sharply criticized the Trump administration’s previous remarks about refusing the peaceful transfer of power, and warned that if Trump must wait until January 20 before discussing the distribution plan of Coronavirus vaccine, then It may cause more deaths from the new coronavirus.

Although Biden has repeatedly pressured the Trump administration, if Trump consistently refuses to cooperate, it will be difficult for Biden to promote any anti-pandemic-related plans. A few days ago, Biden called for a mask injunction across the United States, but he did not receive a positive response from local officials. At present, almost all 16 Republican governors have rejected the mask injunction. According to public opinion analysis, even if Biden is successfully sworn in, it will be difficult for the country to reach a consensus on basic public health strategies in a short period of time.

U.S. public opinion generally believes that weak public awareness of pandemic prevention and high-level government officials have become two major stubborn diseases in the United States’ pandemic prevention work. The new US president will face more challenges in the future. Experts even expressed a pessimistic attitude towards the development of the pandemic, saying that the future of the fight against the pandemic is slim.