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Where did the mutant coronavirus spread?

Where did the mutant coronavirus spread?

by YCPress

As 2020 approaches its end, the mutant coronavirus suddenly becomes the global focus.

In mid-to-late December, the United Kingdom and South Africa reported a mutant novel coronavirus in the country almost the same period.

The two variations are not exactly the same, but an important commonal point is that both can increase the infectivity of the virus.

Recently, the second wave of the epidemic in South Africa has outbreaked, and experts say that the mutant novel coronavirus is a major driving factor. 

The UK outbreak also continues to worsen, but experts have not yet determined whether the mutant coronavirus is the main cause.

This is definitely not good news for people around the world who have been struggling with the epidemic for a year.

However, it is somewhat reassuring that the current evidence shows that the mutation of COVID-19 will not aggravate the condition and will not affect the effectiveness of the vaccine.

WHO experts said that ending the epidemic still requires limiting the spread of the virus, taking good prevention and control measures, and carrying out large-scale vaccine operations as soon as possible.