Home Politics “Where are the Republicans?” Trump’s son criticized his political colleagues for not counting the votes.
"Where are the Republicans?" Trump's son criticized his political colleagues for not counting the votes.

“Where are the Republicans?” Trump’s son criticized his political colleagues for not counting the votes.

by YCPress

“Where are the Republicans? Show your backbone!” Trump’s son criticized his political colleagues for not counting the votes.

According to a report by the US “Capitol Hill” on November 5, on Thursday, US President Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump (Donald Trump Jr.) said that a potential Republican presidential candidate in the US election in 2024 would treat his father Not enough support.

According to the report, Trump Jr., who is regarded as a potential political candidate in the future, expressed his condemnation of the “complete lack of action” among Republicans who may run for the president of the United States in four years. The swing state has entered the final juncture.

Trump Jr. tweeted on social media, “They have a perfect platform to show that they are willing and capable to fight, but they are afraid of those thug media.” He added that his father “will Fight, they can watch as usual (but don’t do anything)!”

Trump’s second son, Eric Trump, also felt that Republican politicians lacked action in supporting his father, regretted this, and called on Republicans to “show some backbone.” He tweeted, “Where are the Republicans! Take some spine. Fight against this kind of fraud. If you are a sheep (and accept it), our voters will never forget you!”

Trump’s two sons called on Republicans to step up efforts to defend their father. At the same time, Trump’s campaign and Republican officials are vying to file lawsuits in several states to stop the counting of votes.

Soon after Trump Jr. tweeted, some Republicans who were seen as potential contenders for the 2024 party nomination also spoke on Twitter, expressing support for President Trump and urging for fair elections. Senator Tom Cotton, Republican of Arkansas, said in a statement that “all’legal’ votes should be counted. There is no reason not to allow voting observers to observe the vote count.”

Former South Carolina Governor Nicky Haley, who served as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations in the Trump administration, also tweeted, “We should all thank Trump for leading conservatives in the Senate, House of Representatives, and state. A victory for Congress. He and the American people deserve transparency and fairness in the counting of votes. The law must be obeyed. We must firmly believe that the truth will prevail.”

U.S. President Trump source: Associated Press

Trump Jr. pointed out that the Missouri Republican Senator Josh Holly, who is considered a potential candidate for 2024, has stated that he will propose draft legislation to promote a series of voting reforms. Holly tweeted, “If anything is clear in the past 24 hours, it is that we now need new election integrity legislation. It is forbidden to harvest votes, guarantee access to voting observers, and make vote counting transparent. I will propose (related) draft).”

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, the Republican of Texas, also tweeted after Trump Jr. complained, “Fox News and the Associated Press made a huge mistake, saying that Biden had won Arizona before the vote count ended. Trump still has a chance to take Arizona. Even CNN admits it.” He also retweeted a statement from the Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday, accusing the Democrats of “trying Steal election results in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania”. Twitter labelled this tweet by Battirom, calling its content “controversial” and possibly “misleading” about the election.

Screenshot of Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s tweet

However, the “Capitol Hill” stated that, except for the above-mentioned personnel, the vast majority of Republican senators in the U.S. Senate basically did not participate in this “vote-counting struggle.” Some Republican strategists and senator aides said that as long as Trump has a solid legal reason, Republican senators will support his legal challenges in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and other states. But if the president continues to claim fraud in the election without evidence, or continues to raise objections after the secretaries of state are ready to confirm the results of the vote count, the support of Republican politicians may decline.

Bob Bauer, senior legal adviser to the Biden campaign, called Trump’s legal challenge “stupid.” He told reporters on Thursday, “These lawsuits are groundless. The purpose is to create an opportunity for the Trump campaign to stop the counting of votes. The counting of votes will not stop. This is to create opportunities for them and let them know what is happening in the election process. Things send the wrong message.”