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When Christmas encounters a mutant virus, the British are entangled with “sane and emotion”

by YCPress

Christmas is coming, but the British people who originally planned to reunite with their relatives and friends are mixed. On the one hand, the British government announced that it is investigating whether the recent accelerated spread of the novel coronavirus is related to a mutant coronavirus.

On the other hand, the “relaxation period” of the original Christmas epidemic prevention restrictions has been lifted, and the capital London, southeastern and parts of eastern England will be raised to the epidemic prevention and control level from the 20th. The highest level of increase.

This mutant virus is named VUI-202012/01. At present, a large number of cases of this mutant virus infection can be observed in some areas of the UK with severe epidemics.

The British government has reported to the World Health Organization.

Matthew Hancock, the British Health Secretary of State, said on the 20th that the spread of the new strain of the novel coronavirus in Britain is “out of control” and can only be controlled by restricting social contact. Everyone in Britain’s fourth-level epidemic prevention area must comply with the regulations.

Millions of people may be affected by Christmas plans in Britain. Whether we can get together or not or how to get together has become a tangle of “reason and emotion” – emotionally, after a difficult year, the need for people to reunite with relatives and friends is more urgent; but intellectually, the epidemic is so severe that holiday parties increase the risk of infection.

British Prime Minister Johnson admitted on the 19th that this was a “thorny choice”, but he stressed that the government had no choice and that the British people could not spend Christmas as planned.

Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, said that experts believe that the mutant virus “spreads faster” based on available studies and preliminary analysis, but there is no evidence that the mutant virus may cause higher mortality or affect the efficacy of vaccines and therapeutic drugs. Experts intensify research to deepen the understanding of mutant viruses.

However, some British experts say that the emergence of mutant viruses is within the expected range. The coronavirus will continue to mutate, and this time the coronavirus mutates, said University of Liverpool professor Julian Hiskox.

The most important thing now is to investigate whether the mutant virus has new characteristics that affect human health, related diagnosis and vaccine efficacy, and “the current prevention and control measures are appropriate”.

Standing on the threshold of the alternation of the new and the old, with the blessing of vaccines, optimists are willing to believe that there will be a new atmosphere in the New Year, but reality reminds us once again that the threat of the virus is far from leaving.

In the face of the pandemic, mankind must work together and share a common hatred of the enemy. Without the construction of a global unified “breakwater”, new variants of the virus will hit Britain and Europe today and may break through the rest of the world tomorrow.

At present, the number of COVID-19 deaths worldwide has approached 1.7 million, which is shocking! In the face of the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s holidays, people can’t help but worry more.

WHO has warned that the spread of new strains in Europe is strong and widespread, and countries must strengthen prevention and control. I hope the alarm bell can be heard more into my heart!

Since the 20th, some countries have successively launched different entry restrictions for the United Kingdom, including France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Bulgaria, Canada, etc.

For example, the Netherlands has banned British flights from entering the same day, which will last until January 1 next year. France suspends travel of people from the UK for 48 hours from midnight that day.