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What kind of women are the "Women's Sky" behind Biden?

What kind of women are the “Women’s Sky” behind Biden?

by YCPress

Before he officially took office, Biden has made a new history by creating a “women’s king bombing group”. If all Biden’s nominations are successfully approved, the first female Native Secretary, a female treasurer, a female director of national intelligence and a “all-female” White House communication team will be born in American politics.

Outside projections are that more than 50% of women may serve in the Biden administration, most of whom will play key roles.” “The group is coming. What kind of women will stand behind Biden in the future and hold up half of the sky?

Harland: Female Interior Minister

The American community highly praised Biden’s nomination of Harland as the first female Aboriginal Secretary of the Interior.

Speaker Pelosi acknowledged that “Biden made an excellent choice”. Historians and tribal leaders say, “If Harland is elected, this moment is a watershed between the painful past between the United States and the indigenous people.” The Washington Post described Biden’s nomination of Harland as a “historic choice” that would bring “a major turn” to the relationship between the U.S. government and the Natives.

Harland, 60, is of Native American Indian descent and is a member of the Pueblo tribe of New Mexico. His mother is Pueblo and his father is Norwegian-American. She served as the director of Aboriginal voting on the Obama campaign in 2012; she was the chairman of the New Mexico Democratic Party from 2015 to 2017, becoming the first Aboriginal woman to lead a state party in the United States; and was elected to the Congress in 2018, becoming the first Aboriginal congresswoman to enter the United States Congress.

If Harland succeeds in taking office, he will be responsible for the internal affairs of the United States, including the management of federal land, Indian affairs, land and offshore natural resources, national parks, environmental security, etc.

Yellen: Female Finance Minister

In the new team, Yellen is a woman with the ability to influence the American wallet.

Yellen was born in 1946 in Brooklyn, New York, to a Jewish family with a strong knowledge atmosphere. From an early age, he became a figure in the school with extraordinary intelligence and learning ability. She received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Pembroke College at the age of 21, and a doctorate in economics from Yale University at the age of 25, the only woman in the 12 Ph.D.

In 1994, Yellen was “named” as a member of the Federal Reserve by Clinton, chairman of the President of the United States Economic Advisers Committee in 1997, the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in 2004, vice chairman of the Federal Reserve under Obama’s nomination in 2010, and chairman of the Federal Reserve in 2014. It is the first time in the 100-year history of the Federal Reserve that a woman has taken power. In the annual selection of many media that year, Yellen surpassed Merkel to become the most influential woman in the world.

In 2016, Yellen met Trump and also suffered the career “Waterloo”, and in 2018, he abdicated in a low profile. Now, with Biden’s victory, 74-year-old Yellen may come out again to become the first female finance minister of the United States. How to allocate government fiscal expenditure and how to solve the debt crisis of other countries are all difficult problems in Yellen’s eyes.

Haines: Female Intelligence Director

The National Intelligence Director is the highest position in the U.S. intelligence community, and Biden is going to hand over the seat to an old friend, Obama and his confidance Haynes.

Haines’ life is quite wonderful. She grew up in a rich villa in Manhattan, New York, and constantly unlocked new skills: studying theoretical physics at the University of Chicago, obtaining a J.D. degree from Georgetown University, studying judo in Japan, becoming addicted to automobile and aircraft manufacturing, and obtaining a flying license.

Haynes has been engaged in legal work for a long time. Since 2010, he has been Obama’s deputy assistant and deputy legal adviser to the White House National Security Council, which has won Obama’s trust. Although his intelligence experience was zero, Obama named the deputy director of the CIA. She has since served as deputy national security adviser and played an important role in Biden’s presidential campaign.

Biden: Hold high the “gender card”

In addition, for the first time, senior officials of the White House communications team formed by Biden were all women, and the Associated Press said: “After Trump ‘subverted’ the way the government and the media communicate, people expect the White House news agency to return to tradition.”

53% of senior officials on Biden’s transition team are women, and the Capitol Hill predicts that this situation will continue into the official team Biden has formed.

It can be said that Biden’s election is inseparable from the fact that he has held high the “gender card” since the election campaign, attaching importance to the protection of women’s rights and interests, advocating equality between men and women, and women have also achieved his presidency to some extent.

Biden previously chose Harris as the vice presidential candidate and received a large number of votes from women and minorities. Perhaps it was realizing the power of women that Biden valued women so much when he formed the cabinet. According to AP polls, women voters played a key role in Biden’s election, and they supported Biden by an absolute margin of 55% to 44%.