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What is Trump’s logic for the last 50 days ?

by YCPress

From today, there are still 50 days left, and the Trump administration will become history.

Theoretically, it is like this.

Because from the perspective of the U.S. election, Trump’s possibility of turning the tables again is gone – even “blind voters” have been taken into account. A dishonest voter is that the voters elected by the state did not vote in Washington in the end according to the results of their state voters.

(Picture says: US President Trump. Figure/AFP/Getty Images)

Although Trump still bites the election fraud and does not let go, he has repeatedly hinted on different occasions that he may be leaving. The latest statement is that at the White House Christmas party on December 1, Trump told the guests, “This has been an amazing four years. We are trying to do it for another four years. Otherwise, we will see you in four years.

This is the first time he personally said that he would come back to run in four years. Two weeks ago, well-informed people made similar rumors.

I believe that after hearing the news, his persistence is no longer just regarded as a joke.

As for the possibility of Trump, who is 78 years old, to run for president again four years later, I personally think it is more than half. However, it can be said to be sure that his influence on the next U.S. presidential election is huge, especially in the Republican Party.

So based on this, what is his logic for the last 50 days? What will he do?

In short, three points: protect yourself, dig holes, and be wayward.

Protecting yourself after stepping down is the bottom line.

Security refers to the safety of his personal and family. Even if he is not president, he should have the freedom to make cloth.

The president is privileged in office and it is generally difficult to impeach him. After stepping down, the golden bell cover iron cloth shirt is gone, which is naturally risky. And Speaker of the House Pelosi has spoken harshly this summer and has the ability to bring the “former president” to court.” Former President”? This harsh word is to put the prediction together.

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Of course, Trump will not be caught. The best way is, of course, not to step down. If you have to step down, he can make full use of the presidential pardon power before stepping down.

This is one of the greatest powers given to the President by the U.S. Constitution. Before leaving office, each president will concentrate on amnesty for a group of people.

Regarding the right to amnesty, add a few more sentences. The person who is granted a pardon must be a person who has committed a federal crime, and those who violate state or local laws are not covered by amnesty protection. Once amnestyed by the President, the person concerned can be exempted from punishment for all federal crimes. In addition, the United States has previously had a precedent for the president to grant an “early” amnesty, that is, to grant a pardon before the person concerned is prosecuted.

In fact, Trump is already using this power, and he will certainly use it to protect the future of him, his family and his cronies. Generally speaking, for those involved in his case, he can achieve his goal by pardoning stained witnesses.

However, what is discussed more now is whether he needs amnesty?

The specific operation is that Trump resigns before January 20 to put Pence on power, and then Pence will pardon him. The vice president’s pardon has a precedent: Ford pardoned Nixon, who resigned due to Watergate.

There is no precedent for the president to pardon himself, but there seems to be no law. Trump’s amnesty is the least worry-free way for him.

But he must consider whether this practice will affect his future vote. Because amnesty for oneself is not a sign of guiltyness?

Insisting on yourself is digging a hole for Biden.

In the transfer of political power, the usual practice of the caretaker government is to maintain the status quo and prepare for the handover.

But for Trump, who refuses to admit defeat, this matter is awkward. Just like the tiger played by Unhappy in the cartoon “Mindless and Unhappy” who does not want to be killed by Wu Song, Trump made every effort to strengthen a series of policies implemented during his last days of the White House, even if he knew that Biden would implement the opposite policies when he took office.

For example, it is completely decoupled from China. Knowing that he can’t do it, he still wants to do it.

For example, fight against the epidemic. Knowing that control would improve the epidemic, he insisted on letting go. Incidentally, the severe epidemic in the United States is the biggest mess he throws at Biden, but fortunt Biden himself is not infected.

Some pits can still be filled back, and some pits can be filled back at a great cost or become permanent tunnels.

For example, quitting TPP and now it has become CPTPP. How to return? And the meaning of returning is different. For example, what else can the Biden administration do to determine that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and move the embassy?

Not admitting defeat is the best pass for waywardness.

In the classic film “The Shawshank Redemption”, when Andy gets an old record and plays “The Wedding of Figaro” on the prison-wide radio on a phonograph, he is locked in the room alone, completely disregarding the outside prison guard slapping the glass to let him open the door and enjoy it, even for only for a short time.

Trump is Andy.

Winning the election is still his unbeatable hope, so others can only watch him perform.

The most convenient waywardness is personnel appointment. Who do you like? Come on, have fun, add some hormones to your resume; who you don’t like, you’re fired, let the world look at you sideways.

(Picture says: Former US Secretary of State Kissinger. Picture/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

Among them, it is impressive to cast off the posts of the advisers of the Defense Policy Committee. Although they are empty and unpaid, it is a little unbearable to think that old American politicians such as Kissinger and Albright are also “evening”.

Another kind of waywardness, I think, is to allow some little brothers in the United States to do wrong. For example, the father of the Iranian nuclear son was assassinated, and now the target is on Israel. As one of the beneficiaries, it is unclear whether the United States will participate in the operation. However, the relationship between Israel and Israel is at least an insider…

(Picture says: Former U.S. Secretary of State Albright. Picture/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

They also believe that Iran does not dare to really retaliate at this time, because Biden still hopes to return to the Iran nuclear agreement after taking office. Iran had no choice but to knock off its front teeth and swallow it in the stomach.

In a word, the logic of Trump’s current behavior is: Biden, you continue my policy, then, in case of success or effectiveness in the future, I also have the first step, start well and the direction is accurate; if not successful, it means that your Biden’s execution is biased, not essential, not essential, and the voiceover is “let me come” .

Conversely, if Biden’s policy is different from mine, it’s just wrong to criticize you, and if you do it, it’s also the reverse policy in front of me that has played the positive role now, etc.

In a word, you have to believe in the language rebuttal ability and psychological endurance of “know the king”.

There are still 50 days left? Only 50 days? Well, it’s just 50 days.