What did Trump supporters do when they broke into Congress? American media: selfie, smoking marijuana, tearing Chinese calligraphy and painting

Capitol police guard the entrance with guns (AP)

According to the New York Times on January 7, hundreds of Trump supporters rushed into the U.S. Capitol on the 6th local time and clashed with the police.

They wandered and smashed in the Capitol, destroying a large amount of furniture and documents. After interviewing some participants, the New York Times article said that during that time, “these people believed that they had replaced the elites they hated”.

The New York Times reported that most of the Trump supporters who rushed into the Capitol that day were white, mostly men, and many carried sticks, shields and chemical sprays.

Some people held the Confederate flag and wore the representative fur clothing and horned hats of the right-wing conspiracy theory group QAnon. Many people have rushed to Washington, D.C. from other states, and many say they have never been to Washington D.C. before.

According to the report, when these people rushed into the Capitol and saw the interior decoration of the center of power, full of wealth and beauty, decorated with art and marble.

Some people believe that this confirms their doubts about corruption in Washington. Feeling like they were presiding over the big picture, and at one point they thought they could no longer be ignored, some found the office of House Speaker Pelosi, others trying to go to the office of Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer.

In a small room covered with blue carpets, a woman sat on the sofa and watched a man tear off a Chinese calligraphy and painting hanging on the wall. The woman said, “We don’t want Chinese s**t.”

In the basement, people walk around, taking pictures of statues and themselves with mobile phones, and people holding selfie sticks, like traveling in a foreign country. Some people smoke indoors and say “we have the right to smoke in our own parliament”.

Some people smoked marijuana, and a young man shouted, “This is a marijuana room!” Others joked that he had just gone to the toilet and didn’t flush it.

It is reported that on the 6th, Washington police arrested 68 people and Congressional police arrested 14 people. At present, the police are still tracking the whereabouts of dozens of other people.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is also collecting photos and video clues about the violence on the day’s official website.

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