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West Point's largest test cheating penalty results

West Point’s largest test cheating penalty results

by YCPress

More than 40 years

Junior training for Army officers at West Point

The largest penalty for cheating in an exam

The results came out

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point revealed last May the biggest cheating scandal in exams since 1976. Local time on the 16th, West Point announced the results of the investigation and punishment, 73 students suspected of cheating, 8 were expelled, the rest of the majority of the repetition for a year.

According to reports, last year by the new crown pneumonia outbreak, West Point cadet training changed to “online”, all examinations are also held online.

In a calculus exam in May last year, 73 students were found to have cheated, allegedly making consistent mistakes in one part of the exam. The school’s honors committee then launched an investigation into the 73 students.

According to the results of the latest investigation and treatment published by the university, 6 out of 73 people automatically dropped out of the investigation phase, 4 were declared undecided and 2 were not investigated for lack of evidence. Eight of the other 61 cheating cadets were dismissed, 51 were disciplined for one year and two were re-graded for six months.

The cheating scandal, which came to the fore last May, was the school’s worst exam scandal in more than 40 years for the Army’s junior training program for officers.