Home LifestyleHealth Wells Fargo is exposed to hoarding vaccines, exceeding the actual demand of 1 billion doses
Wells Fargo is exposed to hoarding vaccines, exceeding the actual demand of 1 billion doses

Wells Fargo is exposed to hoarding vaccines, exceeding the actual demand of 1 billion doses

by YCPress

“The number of coronavirus vaccines controlled by developed countries will soon be 1 billion more than their actual needs.” On the 19th, the international non-profit organization “ONE Campaign” released the latest report, which exposed in detail the serious polarization of vaccine product distribution around the world.

According to Reuters on the 19th, ONE Campaign found that the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and some EU countries have so far found that the supply contracts signed five major coronavirus vaccine suppliers – Pfizer, Modena, Oxford/AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Novavax.

The number of coronavirus vaccines ordered has exceeded 3 billion, a full billion more than they actually need – even with two doses of vaccines for all, the total vaccines needed in these countries is only 2.06 billion doses.

In particular, the report mentions that the vaccine surplused by these countries is enough to vaccinate the adult population across the African continent.

The UK, the U.S. and the European Union ordered 113 million doses of coronavirus vaccines, 453 million doses and 464 million doses, respectively, according to the Daily Telegraph.

According to Duke University in the United States, Canada buys six times more vaccines than it needs for basic vaccines.

Ottenhoff, a senior policy expert at ONE Campaign, said: “Developed developed countries have bet on vaccine products in the early stage of the epidemic and have paid off.

But if they want to protect billions of people around the world, they need to adjust the direction of the route significantly.”

According to the BBC on the 19th, so far, more than 130 countries around the world have completely failed to obtain a coronavirus vaccine, and may not have been vaccinated all year round.

And even if the WHO-led Coronavirus Vaccine Implementation Plan (COVAX) goes smoothly, the number of vaccines received by beneficiary countries can only cover up to 20% of their population, which is still not optimistic.

According to CNN, United Nations Secretary-General Guterres said at the Security Council meeting on the 17th that it is “extremely unfair” for a very few countries to control the majority of the world’s vaccine supply, and that achieving “vaccine equality” is the “greatest moral test” facing the international community.

He revealed that only 10 countries have covered three-quarters of the world’s vaccine products. CNN says Guterres doesn’t detail which 10 countries, but the U.S. is definitely one of them — the U.S. has distributed more than 72.4 million doses of vaccines, of which 56 million have been vaccinated, according to CDC.