Home Politics #We_Support_Elneny Now trend in most of middle east countries.
#We_Support_Elneny Now trend in most of middle east countries.

#We_Support_Elneny Now trend in most of middle east countries.

by YCPress


Story summary

1st Tal Ofer is a person in a Jewish organization in Britain who getting bothered by his tweets and tries to harm him in anyway.
2nd Ofer spoke with Arsenal and asked them to clarify what he had said. The response from Arsenal was that everyone in Arsenal has the right to express his opinion and that the club will speak with Neny about this issue

3rd Of course, Tal Ofer was also annoyed because the ELneny surrounded the map of the existence of the State of Palestine, and there was no state of Israel.

This is racism from his point of view, so he decided to address the English Union as well, asking them to stop the it under the pretext of racism and anti-Semitism!

but lets be honest, Israel flag meaning is from Euphrates to the Nile, thats enough for now then

4th He asked them to stop Elneny due to racism, and he cited the incident of Suarez and Anelka previously, but what happened in Jerusalem is Human rights etc.

5th Tal Ofer addressed the company Idas and the company Lavazza , which are the sponsors of Arsenal club, regarding the Elneny tweet and want to know their opinion about the tweet.

6th The CEO of Lavazza responded to Tal Ofer with this message:

“We will communicate directly with Arsenal to report our concern about the content associated with this message. The content of this post does not fully comply with our corporate values, and the LaVazza Group is fully committed to racism and anti-Semitism. “