Home Business Wang Yi attends the ministerial video conference of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries
Wang Yi attends the ministerial video conference of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries

Wang Yi attends the ministerial video conference of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries

by YCPress

On November 9, 2020, State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi attended the Ministerial Video Conference of the China-Gulf Arab Cooperation Committee in Beijing. 

Foreign Minister Abdullah of the UAE, the rotating chairman of the GCC, the foreign minister of Bahrain, the foreign minister of Bahrain, the foreign minister of Kuwait, Ahmed, the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, Faisal, the minister of state for foreign affairs of Qatar, Muleki, Khalifa, Oman’s Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, and GCC Secretary-General Naif attended the meeting.

Wang Yi said that China-Sea relations have maintained a momentum of sustained and healthy development. The high-level exchanges between the two sides have been close, political mutual trust has been continuously strengthened, practical cooperation has been fruitful, and people-to-people and cultural exchanges have been carried out in an orderly manner. 

Especially at an important moment in the global fight against Coronavirus pandemic, the meeting held by China Shipping will send a clear signal to the outside world that China and China will fight the pandemic side by side and work together to advance China-Haitian relations to a new level.

Wang Yi said that intensified unilateral bullying has posed a severe challenge to the international order, and the rise of protectionism has had a major impact on the world economy. In this context, what the international community needs most is to carry forward and practice the spirit of solidarity, cooperation and common destiny. 

In the face of the uncertain international situation, China-Sea relations have maintained a high degree of stability. China-Sea cooperation has become an important stabilizing force in the Gulf region and even the world. This kind of stability stems from the mutual understanding, mutual trust and mutual support between China and overseas for many years. 

China cherishes this very much and believes that the tested China-Sea relations are becoming more mature and resilient. We must respond to the turmoil in the international situation with the stability of China-Sea relations, and promote the prosperity and development of the region through mutually beneficial cooperation between China and the Sea.

Wang Yi said that China and overseas should firmly support each other. 

China will continue to support the GCC countries to maintain their own political security and social stability, follow the path of independent development, oppose any country’s interference in the internal affairs of the sea on issues such as religion, human rights, and anti-terrorism, and respect the GCC countries’ efforts to ease tensions among regional countries. Measures taken to promote regional peace and stability. Both sides should also uphold multilateralism and defend international fairness and justice. 

China supports the GCC countries in playing a greater role in international and regional affairs.

Wang Yi said that China Shipping must unite to defeat the pandemic. Vaccine cooperation has become a highlight of China’s anti-pandemic cooperation. China is willing to use concrete actions to work with the sea to promote the establishment of a human health community. 

Both parties should carry out post-pandemic economic reconstruction under the premise of effective prevention and control of the pandemic, restart negotiations on the China Shipping Free Trade Area, strengthen cooperation in data security, and promote the joint construction of important “Belt and Road” projects. The two sides should also intensify people-to-people exchanges and consolidate the foundation of friendship.

The Hai side stated that China is a very important strategic partner of the GCC countries. China has become the largest exporter and importer of the GCC countries, which fully demonstrates the vast space for cooperation between China and the sea. 

The sea attaches great importance to the development of relations with China and sincerely thanks China for its assistance and cooperation in fighting the pandemic. 

The sea firmly adheres to the one-China policy, resolutely opposes interference by external forces in China’s internal affairs, and will continue to support China on issues involving China’s core interests and major concerns. 

The sea side is willing to work with the Chinese side halfway to build a high-quality “Belt and Road” initiative, restart free trade zone negotiations as soon as possible, and push the relations between the two countries to a higher level.

The two sides also exchanged views on international and regional issues of common concern. Wang Yi said that China supports the Gulf Arab countries in safeguarding national sovereignty and security, and opposes any interference in the internal affairs of the sea by any external forces. 

China is committed to promoting the relaxation of the regional situation and hopes that relevant parties will resolve regional hotspot issues through dialogue and negotiation and political negotiations, and jointly maintain peace and stability in the Gulf region. 

The sea side appreciates China’s active and constructive role in regional hotspot issues, and expresses that the sea side is committed to achieving regional peace and is willing to promote the parties to resolve disputes through dialogue.