Home Politics Voting day approaches, U.S. election enters final stage
Voting day approaches U.S. election enters final stage

Voting day approaches, U.S. election enters final stage

by YCPress

When people were discussing this matter, Twitter and Facebook blocked the news for the first time. On October 14, Twitter and Facebook both marked the New York Post story as spreading false information. Twitter not only blocked the account of the New York Post, but also blocked the account of the White House spokesperson McNerney who forwarded the news link. According to the BBC, this is the first time that American social media has blocked a news link from a mainstream American media.

On October 20, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee issued a subpoena to Twitter CEO Dorsey and Facebook CEO Zuckerberg, asking them to attend a congressional hearing to explain the incident.

The general election has entered the final stage

The PANDEMIC has not ended yet

According to the BBC, in the past week, 48 states in the United States have seen a rapid rebound in the epidemic, and the number of confirmed cases in a single day in many states has set a new record. Epidemic prevention experts warned that the new crown epidemic in the United States has entered the third wave of “peak period.”

Different from the second wave of epidemics in the summer, the areas with rapid epidemic growth are mainly distributed in the northwest and central regions of the United States, and many rural areas have become epidemic centers.

For example, in Illinois, a large agricultural state in the central United States, nearly 30,000 confirmed cases have been added in the past 7 days, which is basically the same as California, the most populous state in the United States. The outbreak has overwhelmed rural areas with limited medical resources.

On October 23, the head of the Illinois Department of Health broke into tears at the briefing on the epidemic.

This week, American infectious disease expert Fauci pointed out that with the arrival of the flu season, the US epidemic prevention and control will enter a new difficult moment. This statement once again attracted Trump’s resentment.

U.S. President Trump:  People are tired of hearing what the idiots like Fauci say. Every time he goes on TV, people will blow up the pot, but if you fire him, people will make trouble.

With the election day approaching, Trump recently tried to fade the topic of the new crown out of the public eye.

In an interview with the CBS “60 Minutes” column on October 22, Trump thought that the host Starr had too many questions about the new crown epidemic, and he got up and left.

Trump, Biden step up their campaigns in swing states

According to data from FiveThirtyEight, a political polling agency, Biden’s lead over Trump is very weak in Ohio, Florida, Iowa and Georgia.

According to ABC reports, in Florida, where the fighting this year is extremely fierce, Biden temporarily has a 3% lead over Trump. This year, the early voting crowd in Florida was the most active among the swing states, and many of them participated in the election for the first time.

However, many Florida voters said that the reason they are hesitating right now is not to judge who is better, but that neither candidate can satisfy them.