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Vitamin deficiency, malnutrition, "Early birth" Gray hair is related to

Vitamin deficiency, malnutrition, “Early birth” Gray hair is related to

by YCPress

November 23rd According to a report by Russian Satellite Network on the 23rd, gray hair is one of the obvious signs of body change with age, but “Huafa” may also be “early”. Turkish newspaper El Nacional lists the reasons why you have gray hair too early and 4 ways to cope.

The article points out that the main reason for premature gray hair is vitamin B12 deficiency. In addition, vitamin B12 deficiency may also cause hair loss. Low thyroid function may also be the cause of premature graying of hair. According to the National Daily, low thyroid function can cause hair to turn white, fragile or greasy.

Malnutrition is also reported to cause premature graying of hair. Insufficient calcium, vitamin D, copper, zinc and iron can all affect the state of hair. Long-term stress and anxiety can affect the stem cells responsible for pigmentation, which can also cause gray hair.

In addition, long gray hair is also related to genetic factors. If your family members have premature gray hair, they are also more likely to grow gray hair prematurely. At the same time, chemicals harmful to hair can also cause hair to turn white.

In response, the researchers proposed four ways to prevent hair from turning white prematurely. In order to prevent vitamin B12 deficiency, eggs, beef, tuna and salmon should be added to the diet, and cabbage, almonds, carrot juice and broccoli should be eaten every day.

The article points out that it is necessary to protect your hair from harmful sunlight, and it is best to wear a hat when you go out. Instead of using a hair dryer and curling stick, use a wide-tooth comb to comb your hair. In addition, the article also recommends massage the head with coconut oil.