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virus mutation spreads to humans Denmark government announces "Lockdown" of 7 northern cities

virus mutation spreads to humans, Denmark government announces “Lockdown” of 7 northern cities

by YCPress

In view of the multiple cases of mink transmitting the mutant Coronavirus to humans in the Danish mink farms, the Danish government announced on the 5th that 7 cities in the north were “blocked”, affecting approximately 280,000 people.

These cities are located in North Jutland and are the main mink farms in Denmark. Danish Prime Minister Met Frazerriksen said at a press conference that the blockade measures took effect from the 6th and lasted until December 3. During the implementation of the lockdown measures, these areas will suspend public transportation and promote remote office; museums, indoor fitness venues and libraries will be closed; primary and secondary schools will be converted to online teaching from the 9th; restaurants will only provide takeaway from the 7th; public gatherings No more than 10 people.

Frazer Rickson called on local residents to be tested for the virus during the lockdown and try to avoid going out. She said that in order to control the spread of the virus, it is necessary to take the above measures.

The BBC quoted the Danish Minister of Health Magnus Hojnik as saying that about half of the 783 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus reported in northern Denmark were related to a Coronavirus strain originating from a mink farm.

Agence France-Presse reported that the health department of North Jutland believes that about 5% of local patients with Coronavirus may carry this mutant virus.¬†However, only 12 people have been confirmed to be infected with the mutant virus.¬†Vigo Andreassen, professor of epidemiology at Roskilde University in Denmark, believes that if properly controlled, the chance of this mutant virus disappearing is “very high.”

According to the Danish health department, the new strain is caused by the mutation of the spike protein and will not aggravate the human condition, but it can inhibit the current development of the new coronavirus vaccine from functioning, and there is a risk of affecting the effectiveness of the global new coronavirus vaccine. Therefore, the Danish government announced on the 4th that it would slaughter all minks in the farm, with a maximum of 17 million.

Denmark is the world’s largest mink producer. According to Reuters, the mink farming industry contributed approximately US$800 million in exports and 4,000 jobs to Denmark last year. The slaughter order may be a fatal blow to this industry.