Home Politics Violent protests in Uganda capital kill 16 people
Violent protests in Uganda capital kill 16 people

Violent protests in Uganda capital kill 16 people

by YCPress

Kampala, November 19 Patrick Onyango, a spokesman for the Uganda Capital Region Police, said on the 19th that the recent violent protests in Kampala, Uganda’s capital, had killed 16 people and several others. Ten people were injured.

Onyango said that Ugandan security agencies also arrested 350 people on suspicion of maliciously sabotaging cars, looting property, and throwing stones at security personnel.

Uzbek military spokesman Flavia Biercuasso said on the 19th that troops have been deployed in the capital and main towns to prevent the escalation of protests. Judith Nabakuba, Uganda’s Minister of Information and Communication Technology, urged the public, especially young people, to stay away from any form of riots.

On the 18th, Robert Kiagulani Sentamu, the presidential candidate of the Ugandan Opposition National Unity Program Party, was arrested for violating epidemic prevention guidelines while participating in a presidential election campaign in Luka District, eastern Uganda. This incident triggered violent protests.

Uganda will hold presidential elections on January 14 next year. On the 3rd of this month, the Uganda Election Commission announced 11 presidential candidates including the current President Museveni. Uzbekistan’s election agency urges presidential candidates to strictly abide by the guidelines for the prevention of the epidemic and hold election rallies of no more than 200 people to prevent the spread of the new crown virus.