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Vienna terrorist attack: The gunman tried to join ISIS and was sentenced to early release

Vienna terrorist attack: The gunman tried to join ISIS and was sentenced to early release

by YCPress

November 4th. A terrorist attack occurred in the Austrian capital of Vienna on the evening of the 2nd, killing 4 people. Austrian police said on the 3rd that they have found the identity of the gunman involved. The gunman is a supporter of the extremist organization “Islamic State” (IS) and has been sentenced for committing terrorist crimes.

According to news from the Associated Press (AP) on the 3rd, the Austrian government pointed out that the murderer was named Kujtim Fejzulai (Kujtim Fejzulai). The 20-year-old is a supporter of the “Islamic State” and holds dual citizenship of Austria and North Macedonia. . Fei Zule has been shot dead by the police.

The Austrian Government Interior Minister Karl Nehammer told the Austrian News Agency (APA) that Feizulay had tried to travel to Syria to join the “Islamic State” and was convicted of terrorist crimes last April and sentenced to 22 months in prison.

Was released early in December of the same year. Nehammer pointed out that Feizulay had uploaded photos on social media before the attack, showing himself and two weapons believed to be used by him. Nehammer introduced that Feizulai was armed with a fake explosive vest, automatic rifle, pistol and machete when committing the crime.

The Austrian police said that it does not rule out the possibility that other gunmen are still at large. Nehammer said at the press conference that the Austrian police searched 18 properties and the suspect’s apartment and detained 14 people associated with Feizulay. 

The Ministry of Interior of North Macedonia pointed out that three of the persons involved in the case have dual citizenship of the country and Austria.

“Islamic State” claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks in Vienna on the 3rd, but has not yet provided any relevant evidence. The “Islamic State” also released a video saying that the assailant Fei Zulei “launched war” and “showed loyalty.” It is not clear when and where the video was taken.

In a televised speech, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz promised to “hunt down these perpetrators and their behind-the-scenes envoys.” Kurtz pointed out that an elderly man and woman, a young passerby and a waitress were killed in cold blood, and some of the 22 wounded were dying.

The terrorist attack caused prompt condemnation and pledges of assistance from European leaders, including French President Macron, whose country has suffered three terrorist attacks in recent weeks. 

After the Austrian terrorist attacks and other terrorist attacks in France, the United Kingdom raised the terrorist threat level to the second-class serious level. In addition, the Swiss police detained two persons involved in the case, saying that their relationship with the terrorist attack still needs to be clarified and investigated.