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Vert Shock Review

Vert Shock Review

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Vert Shock

Vert shock Want to be like a NBA stars which the names like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Julius Erving , familiar to everyone, they have one thing in common: the ability to make vertical jump up to 40 inches. 

High jump is not only necessary for basketball, because athletes always want to improve their vertical jumping ability. However, due to following the wrong principle, only a few people can achieve it. In fact, the secret of jumping can be found with the help of basic physics. One muscle has sorted out the exercise skills on jumping and shared with you.

how to drunk like professional

and today we gonna share with you our experience of vert shock jump program, it could help you to jump up to 5 feet within a short time, as we gonna share a lot of people purchase this program and success, but first let me share more details about jump or dunk with you.

by the way you will 100% sure before end of this article that you can make it. with confidence and experience everything is possible, so lets get start here.

Vert Shock Review

Vert Shock Review First of all, we must understand the science and principle of vertical jumping. Power = speed x force. Before learning how to dunk and improve training, athletes must learn its theoretical knowledge of physics. 

is the maximum force, and speed is the maximum speed. If you can increase your speed and strength, then your vertical jump will improve. 

(Think about all the exercises related to each aspect, such as getting stronger in squats and faster in sprints.)

The most effective way to measure physical strength is to follow the Olympic style of front squat, back squat, squat, weightlifting squat and deadlift. The vertical jump is a fast movement that lasts about 0.2 seconds. 

However, having a fast speed is only a manifestation of strength and the ability to increase jump training. The following exercises, such as impact jumps, wide jumps, deep jumps, and even basic jumps can help improve your strength.

Secondly, improve overall athletic ability. Strong vertical jumping does not mean the ability to jump higher. It also translates into a complete athletic ability that requires speed and strength in motion. What does that mean? This means that improving your vertical jump training will enable you to use your strength effectively in all sports.

Gain an advantage in the competition

Think about the sport you are doing and refer to the players. How many people take their training to a higher level, and how many people are willing to follow a wide range of exercise programs to increase their vertical jumps. This ability can be your secret weapon, and can even be the difference between an excellent player and an ordinary player.

Test your mental and physical limitations. For any athlete, competition in sports can thrive. Cultivating higher and higher performance for each dunk ability is that athletes can deal with challenging weapons and test the height they can reach. 

In fact, vertical jump training allows you to test your sports boundaries, determine your abilities, not only train your physical strength, but also train your mental health.

Finally, exercise explosive strength. The goal of explosive training is to maximize leg strength. In order to increase vertical jumping power, you must use moderate weights and focus on building muscle strength with each repetition. The problem that most athletes encounter when trying to build strength is over-expanding their physical capabilities. Although using heavyweight athletes can increase muscle strength, it will not transmit power to your jumps.

Vert Shock Results

Vert Shock Results Therefore, in order to make your vertical leap training more effective, always use calf and core procedures during training. After making at least 10-15 jumps, you can complete several sprints and then summon more leg strength. This not only improves your speed and flexibility, but also provides impressive results for your vertical jumps.

The taller jumper will grow taller accordingly. The leg lines and overall body look perfect. This may be what most people pursue. I hope these three suggestions can help you improve your jumping ability. , The most important thing is that you look taller and stronger. If you have any better way, you can leave a comment. Thank you for your support for a muscle.

Dunk has been the ordinary fans unattainable thing , unless you have 1.9 meters or more , or in accordance with normal height (1.75 or so meters ), without falling to the basket , the average person is very difficult to complete the dunk. So for small people around 1.70 meters, there is really no way to achieve a dunk , can they not try the fun of dunking for a lifetime ?

This is not necessarily true , although your height is taught by your parents , it is difficult to improve.

innate cannot be changed

For a dunk player , if you don’t have the height of Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian , then excellent jumping ability will determine whether you can successfully complete the dunk. And how to practice jumping ability is also a course that teenagers most want to know.

The first item is a half-squat jump . First you put your hands in front , and then squat down . The jump is about 25-30 cm off the ground . If your jumping ability is average , 20-25 cm is fine. 

Vert Shock Reviews

Vert Shock Reviews When you jump from the highest point , you need to change hands from front to back , thus completing an action. The second is the vertical jump , the first thing you need to do is stand up straight hands and feet , then stood at attention , after the body upright vertical leap can try , remember , take off the legs do not bend as much as possible , so as to achieve the desired effect.

The third is a toe jump , tiptoe carried to the highest point , and then try to take off , remember that this action had some difficulty and threat , children’s shoes when practicing this action needs to do what , to practice under the guidance of professionals The effect may be better.

vert shock reviews Of course , there is a very old-fashioned method , but it is said that this method is still more effective among the people. 

That is to dig a hole in the ground , then tie your feet to a sandbag , and then you jump into the hole and practice weight-bearing jumping.

 If you follow the above are several methods of training , and the training properly, then , within three months of your jumping height can enhance the 20-30 or so centimeters.

1. Use weight training to increase muscle strength

The feet must have enough power to be able to jump, and the muscle strength can be strengthened through weight training.

 But we should use some heavier weights as the principle, because lighter weights are not helpful to increase the explosive power and maximum strength of the muscles, so we must adopt the principle of small repetitions and heavy weights.

At the beginning, we mainly use 8 Train with a weight of up to 12RM (repetiton maximum) (1RM refers to the maximum weight that a muscle can lift at one time ) . After a certain training day, we can use 5 to 8RM as the training weight, and the speed of the movement is also It should be done quickly.

2. to enhance the formula (plyometric) strength training to increase muscle strength and speed of contraction

Enhanced (plyometric) training has been considered the most effective training methods bounce today, have you ever thought about why athletes during the jump or throw such action will make front squat or pull the body posture?

Because this is the reason why it can help athletes jump higher and throw longer. If the muscles are properly stretched or stretched during exercise, they will have greater strength and greater explosive power. Plyometric is based on this principle. Principles of training.

Vert shock complex training routines

Vert shock complex training routines When we exercise, there are three basic types of muscle contraction: centripetal, eccentric, and isometric. 

The training of jumping in place or jumping off a platform tens of centimeters high, and then jumping up after landing, can produce a typical eccentric centripetal movement

which encourages muscles to use both the elasticity of eccentric contraction and the kinetic energy of concentric contraction to achieve The goal of increasing muscle strength and contraction speed, and the short period of eccentricity turning into centripetal contraction is called the buffer period. The shorter the buffer period, the greater the explosive power that can be exerted.

Therefore , the speed is also required when practicing plyometric training. fast. 

Generally speaking, all kinds of single-leg jumps, all kinds of double-leg jumps 

( jumping in place to touch the backboard ) , jumping off a platform of tens of centimeters, etc.

are all plyometric training methods. Generally speaking, the muscle strength enhancement effect

formed by plyometric training is mainly due to the enhancement of muscle nerve function. Therefore, the muscle usually has a better contraction speed.

Many studies have found that weight training

Many studies have found that weight training combined with enhanced muscle training is the easiest way to improve jumping ability. In addition, people with heavier weight should pay special attention to the amount of

training and the arrangement of rest periods to avoid delayed muscle soreness caused by excessive eccentric contraction of muscles, and even the risk of overtraining.

In addition, we need to remind that all plyometric training methods should be performed in a place where the muscles have enough warm-up, the body is the most energetic, and the venue is softer.

Plyometric is a very strong training exercise, so the practitioner needs to make sure that he has a certain muscle strength to do it

and the higher the jumping point and the ground, the higher the training intensity.

The total number of steps for beginners to practice it every time ( the number of feet in contact with the ground )

60-100 , intermediate 100-150 High 100-150 .

In each exercise, the rest time between groups is 1:5-1:10 , which means jumping for ten seconds and rest for 50-100 seconds.

3. The coordination ability of each muscle when training “jumping”

When the human body bounce, in addition to the outside of the heart muscle thigh, centrifugation or isometric way there will be feet jump

hop and skip running and other ` different ways jump, so we need to train different muscles at the same time Shrinkage situation. 

The use of different methods of jumping training can not only train the muscle strength and contraction speed of the muscles themselves

but also improve the coordination of different muscles, making your jumping movements more coordinated and jumping more efficient.

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