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Variant COVID-19 cases found in Quebec, Canada

Variant COVID-19 cases found in Quebec, Canada

by YCPress

Following Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta, Quebec, Canada, announced on the 29th local time that the province had confirmed the first case of mutant novel coronavirus infection.

This case may have been transmitted by his family members.

One of the four family in the case recently traveled to the UK and returned to Quebec on December 11 and self-quarantined at home.

Subsequently, three other family members tested positive for COVID-19.

So far, at least six cases of mutant COVID-19 have been found in four provinces in Canada.

“The spread of COVID-19 is not only about its infectious strength but also to our habits,” said Christopher Labos, an epidemiologist at McGill University Health Center Hospital. He stressed that it is normal for the novel coronavirus to mutate.

However, the measures to prevent the mutant coronavirus are still to stay at home as much as possible, wear masks, keep a distance from others, and wash hands frequently.

On the same day (29th), the Quebec Department of Health issued guidance requiring all people returning to Quebec, Canada from a holiday abroad to ensure that the COVID-19 test results are negative before taking a flight.

Quick testing will be carried out again when the plane arrives at the airport in Quebec. At the same time, the Quebec government also proposed to the federal government to strengthen quarantine measures for returnees.

The federal government of Canada has not been criticized by local governments for immigration quarantine, and Ontario Governor Doug Ford has also accused the federal government of not strictly quarantine immigration personnel.