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Four of those who have been in contact with the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, have been diagnosed with Coronavirus pandemic

“Vaccination chaos” plagues Brazil, Brazilian scientists complain: the government is to blame

by YCPress

Vaccination campaign started too late, vaccines and syringes are almost gone, vaccination disorderly – according to AFP 24 reports, Brazilian scientists complained that the country has just launched vaccination campaign encountered a variety of problems, and the government can not be blamed.

Over the weekend, thousands of people in several Brazilian cities protested and demanded that the president step down.

According to Johns Hopkins University, Brazil has accumulated more than 8.81 million confirmed cases as of the early morning of the 25th, ranking third in the world.

Brazil’s recent single-day deaths have exceeded 1,000 and cumulative deaths exceed 216,000, second only to the U.S. in the world.

Brazil purchased 2 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine and began initiating vaccinations last Monday, but the vaccine was delayed for several days in its shipment from India.

Brazilian political analyst Favaro pointed the finger at the Brazilian government, saying it delayed signing the vaccine purchase agreement with the lab.

Isabella Barale, vice president of the Brazilian Society of Immunology, said the disruption in the supply chain could have led to the sudden suspension of the vaccination campaign.

She accused Brazil’s health ministry of “incompetence” and said the government needs to provide greater transparency to restore public confidence.

AFP said the Brazilian government hopes to vaccinate 50 million people in the first phase of a national vaccination program. Although it is not clear how long the first phase of the program will take to complete, the Brazilian government acknowledged this month that Brazil is still short 30 million syringes to complete the program.

In addition, in some cities, early vaccination of non-priority groups has sparked public discontent.

On Friday, Bosonaro questioned the effectiveness of the vaccine.

A poll released on the 22nd showed that Bossonaro’s approval rating dropped to its lowest point – 31% – since he took office in January 2019.

However, another poll released at the same time showed that more than half of the public did not support the impeachment of Bosonaro.