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Vaccination chaos is emerging in the United States. Two young people pretend to be old people to “cheating vaccines”

by YCPress

There are continuous chaos in distribution, privilege jumping and so on in the coronavirus vaccination work in the United States.

Recently, in Florida, people tried to muddle through the test in order to get vaccinated, even pretending to be elderly.

A health official in Orlando, Florida, said in an interview with the U.S. media on the 18th local time that on the 17th, two “old women” came to the city’s vaccination site to request a coronavirus vaccine.

Although both of them hold vaccination cards, the information on them differ from their identity cards. The vaccination site After careful inspection, the staff found that the two “old people” looked strange because they were actually disguised by two young women.

Raul Pino, a health official in Orlando, Florida: On the 17th, we found young women disguised as old ladies to get the second dose of vaccine. I don’t know how they escaped the examination when they were given the first injection, but they were vaccinated with the first dose.

They disguised themselves with hats, gloves, glasses, etc. Old people, but in fact they are only in their twenties.

This is only a microcosm of the many chaos of vaccination in the United States.

Although the federal government and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have always emphasized that the elderly and medical staff should give priority to vaccination, various “coup jumps” incidents continue to occur one after another.

In January this year, U.S. media reported that a hospital in Seattle, Washington, sent emails to about 110 “fedors” who donated more than $10,000 to vaccinated in advance, and the hospital’s online public appointment system had regular registered vaccinated people until March.

In addition, there is also the phenomenon of “vaccine tourism”.

Some people take advantage of loopholes in the U.S. vaccination regulations, jump the queue across states and even cross-border to vaccinate, and even foreigners come to the United States for vaccination, which also makes the vaccination program in the United States more chaotic.

While the rich “jug queue” for vaccination, some high-risk groups that need priority vaccination have no injections to do. In addition, racial discrimination in the United States is also prominent in vaccination.

Previously, the American media found that in the previous vaccination statistics in New York, African-American groups accounted for only 9% of the quota, and even so, white people went to ethnic minority settlements in New York to “jug queues” to get the epidemic.