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US media: Trump loses confidence in his legal team

US media: Trump loses confidence in his legal team

by YCPress

According to a CNN report on November 6, although US President Trump’s most advanced legal strategy to challenge the election results was formulated by a familiar and experienced person, he does not seem to have the same as 2000 The top legal team when Bush Jr. campaign team requested a recount in Florida.

CNN Report

According to a person who has spoken to Trump, as the Democratic presidential candidate Biden’s leading position in the election count has gradually become a recent focus, Trump has repeatedly questioned why his legal team failed to recalculate. He played an important role in litigation matters, and hinted that he did not believe that these people were competent to defend themselves in court, and asked his campaign team to find better lawyers.

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According to reports, Trump’s legal team is led by Rudy Giuliani and former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who are staunch supporters of Trump. But among the elite group of lawyers whom the Trump campaign can rely on when launching legal challenges, Giuliani and Bundy have become less credible.

Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani

In addition, Trump’s efforts to sue the election results in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan have been guided by lawyers who have supported him for many years, including conservative lawyer Jay Seku. Low (Jay Sekulow), he defended Trump in 2016 on the “Russian Gate” investigation conducted by Special Attorney Robert Mueller of the Department of Justice, and helped participate in some legal proceedings in Pennsylvania.

Another Trump lawyer, William Consovoy, was also involved. He had previously prevented the prosecutor from obtaining Trump’s financial records during a criminal investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney.

Source: Associated Press

Benjamin Ginsberg, a senior Republican election lawyer who served as an adviser to the Bush Jr’s campaign team, said, “To recount the votes in one state, the campaign team needs to do a lot of work, not to mention the recounts in multiple states. In the 2000 election, there was only one state where the Bush Jr’s campaign team requested a recount. We issued an appeal and mobilized hundreds of lawyers, political workers, and many other personnel. Even so, the recount had already been achieved in Florida. Reached the Republican Party’s “limit of tolerance.”

According to the report, Trump is not the only person who questioned the strength of his legal team, and many officials in the White House are also questioning why the Trump legal team did not do more laws before election day (November 3). Litigation preparations, especially Trump has made it clear before that he will challenge the election results in court. It is understood that Trump himself told his advisers that his campaign team members should have foreseen the need for more experienced campaign lawyers. But there are also accusations that Jared Kushner, a senior White House adviser who oversees the campaign, did not discover this critical issue.

Jared Kushner, Senior Advisor to the White House. Source: Reuters

A senior Trump administration official said that, in the final analysis, this is the responsibility of the campaign team, and lawyers who can challenge the results of elections in multiple states should be hired. On November 5, White House legal counsel Pat Cibolon met with some of Trump’s campaign advisers to consider further legal action.

The report pointed out that Trump’s main allies have been calling donors to try to raise funds for legal actions. But a person familiar with the fundraising situation said that the work was “progressing slowly.”