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US Food and Drug Administration approves genetically modified pigs for food and medicine

by YCPress

According to the Associated Press reported on December 16, genetically modified pigs have been approved by regulatory agencies in the United States and can be used in food and medical products. 

However, its research and development company said that it has no plans to produce and sell genetically modified pork for consumption.

According to reports, the genetically modified pig approved by the US FDA was developed by the medical company Revavicor and is called “GalSafe pig”. This pig has been genetically modified to eliminate the protease of Alpha-gal sugar.

This enzyme may cause allergic reactions in some people. Therefore, this genetically modified pork may be more friendly to people who are allergic to ordinary pork. The company did not disclose how it changed the animal’s DNA.

However, a company spokesperson said that the main purpose of the research and development of this pig is to develop medical products such as blood thinners that will not cause such allergic reactions.

The ultimate goal is to solve the problem of the lack of donated organs for organ transplantation and to transplant pig organs. To the human body.

In fact, this is not the first time the FDA has approved genetically modified animals. In 2009, the FDA approved genetically modified goats to produce a blood clot prevention drug in their goat milk. 

In 2015, genetically modified eggs that can be used to make drugs were also approved. In the same year, salmon became the first genetically modified animal approved for consumption.