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US election 2020 breaks records

US election 2020 breaks records

by YCPress

US election 2020 breaks records

According to reports from various US media, although the US presidential election is still going on, the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has set a record for the most votes in previous presidential elections.

US election 2020 breaks records
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The US “politico” news network quoted the Associated Press as saying that as of 2:38 pm on the 4th local time Biden had obtained a record 7033 million votes. It accounted for 50.19% of the total votes counted at that time, and this is still growing. 

At the same time, the Republican presidential candidate and current U.S. President Donald Trump received a total of 67,538,973 votes, and other candidates received 2,268,633 votes. The US media stated that the previous record was maintained by former US President Barack Obama, who won 69,498,516 votes in the 2008 general election.

The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) also predicted on Wednesday morning that at least 159.8 million Americans will vote in the 2020 presidential election. 

It is expected that the total number of votes in the presidential election will hit a record high, and the turnout of qualified citizens will reach the highest level since 1900.

The “USA Today” website stated that the record-breaking ballot count is not a guarantee of victory. The winner of the US presidential election is determined by the electoral college. 

In 2016 Trump lost to Hillary Clinton in the total number of votes, but according to the electoral vote system, Trump won 274 electoral votes and was elected president.