Home Politics US Acting Secretary of Defense sends a letter to all US Army : It’s time to back home
US Acting Secretary of Defense sends a letter to all US Army : It’s time to back home

US Acting Secretary of Defense sends a letter to all US Army : It’s time to back home

by YCPress

Fox News Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller Letter to all U.S. troops “All wars must end, It’s time to go home” November 13, local time, Christopher Miller, the acting US Secretary of Defense who was just appointed by President Trump, sent a letter to the entire US military.

Miller wrote in the letter that the United States is still trapped in the “war that Al Qaeda launched against our homeland in 2001.” “The war is not over yet. We are on the verge of defeating Al Qaeda and its associates, but we must avoid us. The past strategic error was the failure to carry the battle to the end.”

Miller wrote: “All wars must end. We have met the challenge and we have done our best. Now, it’s time to go home.”

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On November 9, local time, US President Trump announced that he would remove the Secretary of Defense Esper from his post and let Christopher Miller, director of the National Counter-Terrorism Center, become the acting Secretary of Defense.

After Esper and others resigned, Miller and other Trump cronies were continuously inserted into the Pentagon, which aroused the vigilance of the outside world. Some officials even worried that the firing of Esper might only be the beginning, and other senior national security officials who angered Trump might become the next target of fire. CNN commented that Esper’s dismissal was like “Pandora’s box has been opened.”

According to CNN, a Defense Department official believes that the departure of Esper and other officials may mean that Trump is working on measures he wants to implement but are opposed by the Pentagon in the final weeks of his term.

Clear the way. For example, withdraw troops from Afghanistan before Christmas, or use active troops to deal with any future protests.

The United States launched the war in Afghanistan in 2001 and overthrew the Taliban regime that the United States identified as sheltering the “Al Qaeda” organization. According to statistics, since the war in Afghanistan, more than 100,000 Afghan citizens and soldiers have died, and more than 2,400 US soldiers have died.

In February 2020, the United States and the Afghan Taliban signed a peace agreement in Qatar aimed at ending the war in Afghanistan. According to the agreement, the number of US troops in Afghanistan will be reduced to about 8,600 in June 2020, and the US and NATO coalition forces will withdraw from Afghanistan within 14 months.

The United States launched the Iraq War in 2003 and withdrew its troops from Iraq at the end of 2011, leaving only a small number of soldiers. In 2014, the “Islamic State” seized large areas of western and northern Iraq, and the United States subsequently increased its troops in Iraq, but the US military’s authority was limited to combating the “Islamic State” and providing support and training for the Iraqi government forces. Currently, there are about 5,200 US soldiers stationed in Iraq.