Home Tech Update of privacy policy causes controversy. The new WhatsApp policy has been postponed to May.
Update of privacy policy causes controversy. The new WhatsApp policy has been postponed to May.

Update of privacy policy causes controversy. The new WhatsApp policy has been postponed to May.

by YCPress

WhatsApp, an instant messaging software, recently caused controversy over updating the privacy policy. On January 15, WhatsApp announced that it would postpone the deadline for the implementation of the new policy from February 8 to May 15, so that users “have enough time to read and understand the terms”.

According to Reuters on the 16th, WhatsApp said that it had received feedback from many parties recently, saying that the company’s adjustment to its privacy policy was confusing.

January 4 this year, the company announced that it would share user information with the parent company Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other group software, requiring users to agree to the new terms before February 8, otherwise they will not be able to continue to use the service.

In response, WhatsApp said in a statement on the 15th that the update would not expand its ability to share data with Facebook.” We can’t see your private messages and hear your voice calls.

In addition, we don’t record who people send messages to, or who they voice calls with, and we don’t see where you share them. We don’t share your contacts with Facebook.” The statement said.

WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption technology, and the content of individual user conversations will not be seen by third parties.

Under the current terms, the software collects user information such as phone numbers, IP addresses, telephone directory contacts, locations, etc., but does not specify which parts will be shared with Facebook and the group in the future.

For its commercial use, the company did not deny it.” While not everyone is shopping on WhatsApp these days, we think that more people will choose to do so in the future, and it is important that people understand these services.”

It is understood that the company’s update involves business users who use WhatsApp to communicate with customers, who will be able to share data with Facebook, and Facebook will then use the data to place targeted advertisements to users.

Reuters pointed out that Facebook has been launching business tools on WhatsApp over the past year to increase the revenue of faster-growing business sectors such as WhatsApp and Instagram, while integrating the e-commerce infrastructure of the whole company.

In 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion, but it was slow to develop its profits.

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging software at present, with more than 2 billion users worldwide. It is one of the most commonly used communication tools in Europe, the United States, India, Hong Kong and other places.

After WhatsApp decided to update its privacy policy, a large number of users switched to the new social platforms Signal and MeWe or the country’s local platforms.

In addition, India, Turkey, Italy and other countries have filed lawsuits or investigated the company, paying close attention to the incident.

WhatsApp said that the company will gradually review its privacy policy with users before May 15.