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Six soldiers killed in an attack on an Afghan security checkpoint

Unreasonable accusation and total hypocrisy

by YCPress

Australia owes an explanation to the Afghan people and the world. Advise Australia to face the problem squarely, not to divert attention and shirk responsibility

The Australian military recently released an investigation report, which confirmed that some Australian soldiers on duty in Afghanistan were suspected of war crimes and caused many incidents of killing innocent civilians and prisoners. 

In the past few days, all walks of life in Australia and the international community have strongly condemned the suspected war crimes of Australian soldiers. However, when the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted pictures of Australian soldiers killing Afghan children on social media on November 30, some Australian politicians went so far as to launch unreasonable accusations against China.

Some Australian soldiers have committed serious crimes in Afghanistan. The facts are very clear, and Australia simply cannot afford it. According to a report issued by the Office of the Inspector General of the Australian Defence Forces on November 19, according to a four-year investigation on whether Australian soldiers who performed missions in Afghanistan from 2005 to 2016 were suspected of war crimes, 25 active and former special forces soldiers were found During his stay in Afghanistan, he was involved in 23 illegal killings and covered up these crimes. 

In these incidents, a total of 39 innocent civilians and prisoners were killed and two others were tortured. The details disclosed in the report were shocking and horrifying, including gathering adult men and boys to shoot them or cutting their throats blindfolded, and requiring recruits to shoot prisoners of war to “train their hands.” Such acts of cruelty to innocent civilians and captives in Afghanistan seriously violate international conventions and human conscience.

All walks of life in Australia and the international community have expressed their indignation against the brutal acts of some Australian soldiers, and voices of strong condemnation abound. Former Australian Prime Minister Rudd recently issued a statement emphasizing that any soldier who committed war crimes in Afghanistan and anyone who tried to cover up these crimes must be brought to justice and the families of the victims must be compensated. The “Australian” front-page article pointed out that this is “a shameful page in Australian military history.” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova said that “the content of the report is shocking.” The crimes committed by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan have weakened Australia’s international status.

In response to Australia’s unprovoked accusation of China’s actions in order to transfer the contradictions, netizens expressed support for China’s just position and clearly pointed out: The post of the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is “based on the Australian report and some Australian soldiers in Afghanistan against the country. An accurate description of war crimes committed by civilians.”

What the Australian government should do now is to reflect deeply and bring the perpetrators to justice, make a formal apology to the Afghan people, and solemnly promise to the international community that they will never commit this terrible crime again. However, some politicians in Australia were furious and frustrated, exposing their hypocritical nature. 

Is it true that some Australian soldiers are not guilty of killing innocent civilians and prisoners in Afghanistan, but it is wrong to condemn such crimes? Some Australian politicians have always regarded themselves as so-called “human rights defenders,” but in reality they have adopted double standards. They should reflect on themselves and think more about how to take measures to solve their own serious violations of human rights and human justice, stop using human rights issues to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs, and stop engaging in political manipulation.

The lives of the Afghan people deserve to be respected. Australia owes an explanation to the Afghan people and the world. We advise Australia to face the problem squarely, not to divert its attention and shirk its responsibilities.