Home Politics United States sells the F-22 to Israel to hit Russia’s weapons
United States sells the F-22 to Israel to hit Russia's weapons

United States sells the F-22 to Israel to hit Russia’s weapons

by YCPress

According to a report on the World Wide Web on November 1, the “Middle East Daily” quoted Israeli insiders as saying that US President Trump has agreed to sell F-22 fighters to Israel in order to help Israel gain further air superiority. 

Earlier, the United States agreed to sell F-35 fighters to the UAE, which aroused dissatisfaction from Israel. In order to calm Israel’s anger, Trump decided to open up the sale of F-22 fighters. 

However, outsiders believe that this is a typical example of Trump’s intention to cheat the United States again. Trump’s sale of F-22 to Israel at this time will undoubtedly aggravate the turmoil in the Middle East and worsen the development of the situation in the Middle East.

A little carelessness will risk an “arms race”.

As a “bystander”, Trump’s behavior seems to be completely in the arms of Russia. Trump’s approach will also directly cause Arab countries to have a “distrust” of the United States.

Once the F-22 fighter is actually sold to Israel, Russia’s air defense missile system and fifth-generation aircraft may be sold. In the world arms trade market, the weapons procurement capabilities of Middle Eastern countries have always been higher than those of other regions.

Even India, which lies deep in South Asia, cannot rival the Middle East. Previously, the bulk of the military trade market in the Middle East has been dominated by the United States and European countries. Except for a few fixed customers in the Middle East, Russia’s mainstream customers are basically the United States and Europe. 

Now, the United States is “digging its own grave” and “destroying its future.” This has indeed brought a new turn for Russia’s military export industry. At least from the United States’ position, the Arab countries in the Middle East cannot accept his excessive favoritism toward Israel.

The F-22 fighter is the world’s first fifth-generation fighter that was brewed in the late 1980s, developed in the 1990s, and entered service in 2005. For many years, it has been touted as the “world’s strongest fighter.” 

However, this is just the past tense. Due to the early shutdown of the F-22 fighter, the technical team has long been disbanded and the production line has long been closed. 

Over the years, the U.S. Air Force and the National Guard have always wanted to restart the production of this fighter, with the intention of upgrading the F-22 fighter in service after the production line is restored. But because the difficulty was too high and the price was too high, the plan had to be scrapped. 

The current F-22 fighters are no longer the strongest in the world. Even the F-35 fighters, when fully configured, can obtain far stronger combat capabilities than the F-22. 

The F-20 fighter, which is similar in configuration to the F-35 fighter, can easily suppress this “old” fifth-generation fighter that has been in service for 15 years without any major improvements during the period. 

However, the F-22 fighter may have an advantage over the Su 57 fighter, because the Su 57 fighter is not equipped with active phased array radar, nor does it have the EOTS plus EO DAS “science fiction configuration” like the F-35 and the F-20.

Although the -22 fighter is ineffective, it is also a fifth-generation aircraft equipped with active phased array radar.

Considering that Russian-made fighters basically do not constitute an advantage over the F-22, Russia’s future weapons exports in the Middle East will still be based on ground-based air defense missiles. 

But this also has a potential hidden demand, that is, the Russian-made air defense system urgently needs a battle to prove its value and ability. 

Previously, Turkey’s S-400 air defense missile hit target rate was only over 80% in its own air defense missile bidding project, while China’s FD-2000 air defense missile system reached 100%. 

Then, the S-400 air defense missile was completely suppressed by the electronic warfare system of the Israeli aviation force on the Syrian battlefield, so that many people began to doubt the true performance of the S-400 missile system. 

The reason why Turkey chose the S-400 air defense system is more out of political interests. 

Moreover, Russia also promised Turkey to slowly repay the follow-up purchase funds of the S-400 air defense missile in the form of “installation payment.”

Therefore, based on the above information, Trump agrees to sell F-22 fighters to Israel, which is planting a “scourge” for the next US regime.

Once the United States and Arab countries are against the goal, the interests will only be damaged.

It’s America, And Russia has also got a valuable opportunity to let its expensive weapon systems enter the traditional American market. 

If the performance this time is good, the Arab countries may be fully equipped with Russian weapons to fight in the future, but this also means that the political stance of the Arab countries in the future will completely fall to Russia.