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United Kingdom government announced the implementation of the "Winter Financial Support Plan"

United Kingdom government announced the implementation of the “Winter Financial Support Plan”

by YCPress

On the 22nd, the British government announced the implementation of a large-scale and wide-covered “Winter Financial Support Plan”, so that the livelihoods and employment opportunities of British companies can be used in the difficult months to come. Continue to be protected.

The British Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak (Rishi Sunak) announced the financial rescue plan in the lower house of the British Parliament. 

The plan includes three major parts: 1. Substantially increase the government’s support for the wage costs of enterprise employees, while the burden on enterprises is reduced to 5%; 2. Expand the areas particularly affected by the “three-level lockdown order” of the epidemic 1.

The scope of business subsidies for enterprises to help them maintain operations and protect employment; 3. The subsidy for self-employed (self-employed) is doubled to 40% of previous income.

On October 19, local time, in Manchester, England, a mural tribute to frontline medical workers in the fight against the epidemic appeared on the street.

Sunak told parliamentarians that in the face of the challenge of the new crown epidemic, through the employment support and self-employment plan in the “Winter Financial Support Plan”, it will increase support for British companies and expand commercial funding for companies in high-level lockdown areas. This is a necessary measure based on the consensus reached with the local government on “upgrading the level of blockade in severely affected areas to a high level”, and provides “overweight” additional support for enterprises, employment, and economic recovery.

Sunak said in an interview with the media: “I know that the further implementation of blockade restrictions makes many people worry about themselves, their families and their communities. The government has strengthened its financial support and hopes to create favorable conditions for the stability of the people and unity in the coming months.”

On October 14th, local time, the UK’s new anti-epidemic restriction measures “graded blockade order” took effect, which was the strictest blockade order since the second wave of the outbreak in the UK. The picture shows the Liverpool Central Station in northwest England. Pedestrians walk past a billboard marked “very high”.

At present, Liverpool and Manchester in the United Kingdom are listed as the highest-level third-level areas in the “three-level blockade order”. London entered the second-level blockade on October 17. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, recently called for “hundreds of thousands of jobs in London to be at risk”, hoping that the central government can give more financial support to London’s enterprises, workers and public service agencies.

Regarding the issue of financial support, the government cabinet and the local government argued for a while because of their differences. Many local governments expressed dissatisfaction with the “inaction” of the central government “before the imminent crisis”. Sir Richard Leese, the chairman of the Manchester City Council, accused on Twitter, “Rich Sunak finally responded to the local government’s request, but unfortunately he did not do so two weeks ago.”