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Unheard of! Several women were stripped at Doha airport, Australia expresses strong dissatisfaction

by YCPress

On the morning of the 26th, the Australian government condemned the Qatari authorities for medical examinations on female passengers flying to Sydney. It is reported that on the day of the incident, an abandoned newborn was found at the airport in Doha. The woman on the flight from Doha to Sydney was then forced to undress for a medical examination.

According to the Associated Press, all women who took Qatar Airways Flight 908 to Sydney on October 2 were checked at Hamad International Airport in Doha, including 13 Australian women.

The Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that this treatment of women was inappropriate and exceeded the scope of their free and informed consent. “This is a very disturbing and offensive incident.

This is something I have never heard of in my life. We have made a clear statement to Qatar officials on this matter,” Australian Foreign Minister Marys Payne told reporters that Australia will wait for Qatar.

The government’s answer, “Then we will decide what to do next.” She said that the matter had been reported to the Australian Federal Police, but did not inform the police of possible actions.

Officials at Qatar Airport said in a statement to the Associated Press that medical and social workers are currently taking care of the baby of unknown origin. Medical experts worry about the health of the baby’s mother and demand to find her as soon as possible. The airport’s statement did not acknowledge the mandatory screening of women.

The Associated Press quoted a report from Australia Channel Seven that the women on Flight 908 were checked in an ambulance on the tarmac. 

Passenger Wolfgang Babek who returned to Australia by plane that day said that all women were taken off the plane for inspection that day, no matter how old they were. 

“When these women came back, many or everyone looked very depressed. One of the young women even cried, and people couldn’t believe what happened,” Babek said. “They told us that they had to take off. Put on their underwear and then undergo a check to see if they have given birth.”