Home World Undersea volcanoes erupted violently! Tsunami warning issued by many countries! Tonga’s communication with the outside world is interrupted?!
Undersea volcanoes erupted violently! Tsunami warning issued by many countries! Tonga's communication with the outside world is interrupted?!

Undersea volcanoes erupted violently! Tsunami warning issued by many countries! Tonga’s communication with the outside world is interrupted?!

by YCPress

After the eruption of an undersea volcano in Tonga, a South Pacific island country, erupted violently on the 15th, and a tsunami had been observed. At present, there are no reports of casualties and property losses.

Tonga’s undersea volcano erupted again

trigger a tsunami.

According to local media reports, the second violent eruption occurred on the afternoon of the 15th of the undersea volcano of Hong’Aha’apay Island, located about 65 kilometers north of Nukualofafa, Tonga. The ash column of the volcano was about 5 kilometers in diameter and 20 kilometers high, covering the volcano. As of the night of the 15th, the volcanic ash was still falling and the local communication network was disrupted.

Tonga Meteorological Agency says Tonga is threatened by tsunamis, rainstorms, floods and strong winds. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center observed a 0.8-meter-high tsunami in Tonga. Videos circulating on social media show that huge waves rush up the coast, flooding roads and pouring into homes. Local media also reported that King Tupou VI of Tonga has also evacuated from his palace near the seaside.

Hong’Ahaapai Island is part of the highly active Tonga-Kmadek Islands volcanic arc. Former chief geologist in Tonga said on the 15th that the undersea volcanic eruption was absolutely unprecedented and very surprisingly intense.

David Tapin, former chief geologist of Tonga: Judging from my experience, this eruption is absolutely unique. I have lived in Tonga for five years and studied the Pacific tsunami for 40 years. For Tonga and its Pacific region, we all know that tsunamis occur here from time to time, but it has never happened before. I have never seen a tsunami caused by a volcanic eruption, and it erupted so violently, so it was really surprising.


Tsunami warning issued by many countries along the Pacific coast

Tonga’s undersea volcanoes erupted one after another and triggered a tsunami, affecting many Pacific coastal countries, including Fiji, the United States and other countries issuing tsunami warnings.

After the eruption of Tonga’s undersea volcano on the 15th, Fiji’s coastal areas were significantly affected. From the pictures taken by residents, it can be seen that the waves beat the coastline rapidly and fiercely that day. The turbulent seawater poured up the shore, forcing people playing by the beach to retreat one after a row. The low-lying areas along the coast were submerged by the sea, and many vehicles I had to drive by in the water. At present, Fiji has issued a tsunami warning to warn people not to go to the seaside and remind people living in lower places to move as soon as possible.

On the 15th local time, affected by the volcanic eruption in Tonga, the waves surged and rolled over on the west coast of the United States. On that day, the National Meteorological Administration issued a tsunami warning to the west coast area, saying that the west coast of the United States may face the greatest tsunami threat in more than a decade, and there are many The area was affected, and the turbulent seawater even poured into low-lying coastal areas, and many places urgently closed nearby beaches and urged people not to get close to beaches, ports and docks. However, many people still ignored the government’s warning and took advantage of the storm to surf the seaside.

Japan issues tsunami warning

About 230,000 people received asylum instructions

Affected by a large-scale volcanic eruption in Tonga Islands, the Japan Meteorological Agency issued a tsunami warning for the Pacific coast of Japan on the 16th, and at least 230,000 people received asylum instructions.

After midnight local time today, the Japan Meteorological Agency issued different levels of tsunami warnings to Japan’s Pacific coast. Among them, part of the outlying islands of Kagoshima Prefecture in southern Kyushu and the coastal areas of Iwate Prefecture in northeast Japan are expected to reach 3 meters. At present, Japan has eight prefectures, and at least 230,000 asylum instructions have been issued to a total of about 230,000 people. In Japanese TV programs, the latest situation of the tsunami continues to be broadcast live, and people are reminded to take refuge as soon as possible in eye-catching words. In the process of asylum, there were vehicle collisions and other accidents in some areas, and a person fell and was slightly injured while he took refuge in Okinawa Prefecture. So far, the highest height of the tsunami has reached 1.2 meters.

It is reported that 14 vessels have been found to have been overturned or washed away by the tsunami at several fishing ports in Gaozhi County, located in the four countries. Some of them have sunk, but none of them are on board. In addition, five fishing boats were found capsizing in Tokushima County, also located in the four-country region, and no casualties have been found so far.

On the other hand, traffic in many parts of Japan was affected by the tsunami. According to Japan Airlines, as of 8 a.m. local time, 27 domestic flights in Japan, including airports in Sendai and Osaka, had been cancelled, affecting about 530 people. In terms of railways, some sections of the coastal areas have been suspended or delayed since today’s departure of trains. A toll road in Chiba County is closed. In terms of shipping, the ferry connecting Kanagawa Prefecture and Chiba Prefecture has also been suspended.

In addition, today is the second day of the Japanese college entrance examination, and the tsunami has also affected the examination arrangements of some test sites. Among them, a test site in Iwate Prefecture cancelled today’s exam due to the suspension of nearby trains. 195 candidates will take the make-up examination at the end of the month. In Chiba Prefecture near Tokyo, the start of a local test site was delayed by an hour, also affected by the lateness of the train.

At 14:00 local time today, the Japan Meteorological Agency lifted all tsunami warnings and warnings.

New Zealand issues tsunami warning

Affected by the volcanic eruption on the bottom of Tonga, tsunami warnings were also issued along the northern and eastern coasts of New Zealand’s North Island.

The New Zealand military said it was paying close attention to the eruption of Mount Tonga and was willing to help. New Zealand Prime Minister Adrian said today that Tonga’s contacts with the outside world were interrupted due to the impact of undersea volcanic eruptions and tsunami disasters.

The images received about volcanic eruptions are of great concern. However, due to the interruption of communication, it is not yet possible to know the specific disaster situation in Tonga.

New Zealand’s Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other agencies are still continuing their efforts to resume contacts with Tonga.