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Ukrainian president hospitalized due to "not dangerous" Coronavirus

Ukrainian president hospitalized due to “not dangerous” Coronavirus

by YCPress

The Presidential Palace of Ukraine said on the 12th that President Vladimir Zelensky, who was diagnosed with Coronavirus on the 9th, has been hospitalized.

A spokeswoman told a Reuters reporter: “He went home first, and then decided to stay in Feofania Hospital so that it would be strictly isolated and not infect anyone. The environment there is better for patients.” Lensky’s health status, she said, “There is nothing serious.”

Zelensky confirmed on the 9th that the new coronavirus test result was positive. The government under his leadership has infected three senior officials, including the Secretary of Finance, the Secretary of Defense and a senior assistant to the President.

The number of newly diagnosed Coronavirus cases reported daily in Ukraine has soared since the end of September, and remained high after October and November, prompting the government to extend some pandemic prevention measures until the end of this year.

The Uzbek cabinet passed a resolution on the 11th, deciding to implement nationwide “cities lockdown” measures starting this weekend to speed up the containment of the pandemic. As of the 12th, Ukraine has reported more than 500,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and 9,145 deaths.