Home Politics Ukrainian polls show that seven years after the unrest, most people regret it.
Ukrainian polls show that seven years after the unrest, most people regret it.

Ukrainian polls show that seven years after the unrest, most people regret it.

by YCPress

The Global Times reported on December 2 that according to the poll data just released by the Ukrainian Social Monitoring Center, 73.2% of Ukrainian respondents believe that the country is moving in the wrong direction.

After the unrest in Ukraine in 2013, the country has been around for more than seven years. After experiencing the living lessons of Crimea’s entry into Russia and the war in eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian people finally regretted it.

And just last month, Ukrainian courts decided to quash the sentence against former President Yanukovych. Why did the judgment be annulled? As the judge of the court said, he did not know what “crimes” Yanukovych committed. Looking back, the turmoil seven years ago was just a farce in the West’s manipulation of Ukrainian public opinion. But after the farce, Ukraine can never go back.

The key is that Ukraine has paid such a high price that everything not only does not get better, but gets worse and worse.

Ukraine’s strategic geographical position is both important and dangerous. It is located at the forefront of the confrontation between Russia and the two giants in the West. Its foreign relations are not easy to carry clearly.

It must be like walking on thin ice. Of course, if Ukraine’s political elite can correctly handle the relationship with both sides, the country can actually be at the right hand. Before the crisis, Russia provided a large amount of extremely favorable or even free natural gas every year to win over Ukraine, and the West also invested a lot of money in attracting Ukraine.

After completely falling out with Russia, Ukraine had to fall into the arms of the United States and the West and use their strength to fight against Moscow’s pressure. As a result, Ukraine has to hand over the autonomy of the country to the United States and the West and become a manipulated puppet.

So much so that Ukraine helps the United States fight against Russia, but has to spend money on the United States to buy arms. As someone said, you have to buy food at your own expense to be a watchdog in the United States. On the other hand, cheap Russian gas is gone, even the oil pipeline charge is about to be stuck, and the United States and the West are no longer willing to pay Ukraine.

External communication is confused, and domestic governance is also a mess. Since the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis, the vast majority of political elites have not thought about how to govern the country well, but how to divide the fat.

As a result, the West trained a group of comprades at a very small cost to control the lifeblood of Ukraine’s economy. Former President Poroshenko, for example, had many factories and enterprises in Ukraine. During his tenure, there were numerous scandals, but he eventually retired completely.

When the Soviet Union split up, Ukraine inherited a solid family.

First of all, it has unique natural resources. Two-thirds of Ukraine’s land area is black land, accounting for a quarter of the world’s black soil area. It is a “land of milk and honey”, known as the “European granary”. Secondly, Ukraine’s population is of high quality. The majority of the population is highly educated and has the human resources to develop any industry.

Thirdly, the industries inherited from the Soviet Union in the early days of Ukraine’s independence cannot be described as strong, but “extremely powerful”. There are Black Sea shipyards that can make nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, Southern machinery factories that can make heavy rockets and intercontinental missiles, and Antonov, which can make the world’s largest aircraft.

To be honest, under such superior conditions as Ukraine, it is too difficult for the country to build well even if it is not good. However, Ukrainian politicians have actually completed such a difficult task. The southern machinery factory has disappeared, Antonov has fallen, and the Black Sea shipyard has no boat to build. The country is now on the verge of bankruptcy. Holding a golden rice bowl all day long, it has become the source of exporting girls to Europe. It is known as the “European uterus” .”

Last year, the BBC interviewed the troublemakers in Hong Kong. Before the interview, the waste youths had just watched a documentary about Ukraine’s face. A female waste girl who watched the documentary stood in front of the BBC’s camera and cried, saying that she hoped that Hong Kong could have a good ending like Ukraine. After watching this scene, I really want to send her to Ukraine to experience life.

When an avalanche occurs, no snowflake is innocent. Can Ukraine have today, where greedy politicians “have made great contributions”, but the immature Ukrainian people have no problem?