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UK Closed the border 2nd wave of pandemic in europe is getting worse

by YCPress

UK Closed the border 2nd wave of pandemic in europe is getting worse

The second wave of new Coronavirus Pandemic in Europe is getting worse, with confirmed cases exceeding 10 million. On the 30th, the number of newly confirmed cases in many countries reached a new high again.

The severity of the outbreak in the UK far exceeds expectations

Nationwide or blockade again

According to the Coronavirus Pandemic data released by the British government, as of 4 pm local time on the 30th, there were 24,405 newly confirmed cases in the UK within 24 hours.

The cumulative number of confirmed cases is approaching 990,000, and the cumulative number of deaths exceeds 59,000.

The British Government’s Emergency Science Advisory Group issued a report on the 30th, pointing out that the severity of the second wave of the pandemic is far greater than expected, and the implementation of a national blockade may be inevitable.

The British government’s emergency scientific advisory group issued a report on the 30th and pointed out that the severity of the second wave of pandemic far exceeded expectations. 

It was previously estimated that the number of new cases in the UK every day in October will be about 1,2000-13,000, and the daily increase in the number of confirmed cases in the past two weeks has been more than 20,000. There are still many asymptomatic infections that have not been tested. The number of newly infected people may be between 40,000 and 70,000.

In the past week, the number of new patients in the UK may reach more than 200,000, and the number of people infected with the Coronavirus Pandemic in the second wave of the pandemic was four times as many as expected. 

The British government had estimated that this winter, 85,000 people in the UK would die because of the Coronavirus. 

In the next one or two months, if the new coronavirus spreads according to the current infection rate of 1.1-1.3, the number of deaths in the next two months will greatly exceed estimates.

A scientific consultant from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom pointed out that the current three-level pandemic prevention system in England has not played a big role.

If the government does not take unified actions across the country, the UK’s Coronavirus infection rate will hardly fall below 1. The ferocious momentum of the second wave of pandemic is difficult to contain.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan also called on the central government to take phased nationwide blockade measures as soon as possible, but received no response. 

At present, London is in the second level of England’s three-level pandemic prevention warning, which is a higher risk. London’s pandemic prevention risk level may be upgraded to the third level in the next two weeks. At that time, bars and other service establishments may be prohibited from operating. 

The number of new confirmed cases in Italy in 24 hours exceeds 30,000 for the first time

The latest statistics released by the Italian Ministry of Health on the 30th showed that the cumulative number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Italy reached 647,674, with an increase of 31084 in the past 24 hours, the highest value since the outbreak, and the first time the daily increase exceeded 30,000 . 

According to the monitoring of the Italian Institute of Advanced Health, between the 8th and 21st of this month, the “effective number of infections” in Italy was 1.7, and the cumulative incidence was 280 cases per 100,000 residents. Experts believe that the Italian pandemic has a trend of rapid deterioration. 

Spain’s new confirmed cases hit a new high in a single day

Blockade measures implemented in most areas

The latest pandemic data from the Spanish Ministry of Health on the 30th showed that Spain had 25,595 new confirmed cases of Coronavirusin a single day, a new high since the outbreak, with a total of 1,185,678 cases.

On the 30th, the blockade measures for most parts of Spain came into effect . The Madrid Region prohibits residents from entering and exiting the Region during the statutory holidays from October 30 to November 2; Catalonia is banned for the next 15 days Residents are free to enter and exit the region, and residents are also prohibited from entering and leaving the town where they live during weekends. Residents who violate the blockade measures will be fined up to 600,000 euros.

The number of new confirmed cases in Poland exceeds 20,000 for two consecutive days

After the number of new cases exceeded 20,000 on the 29th for the first time, the number of new cases in Poland again exceeded 20,000 on the 30th, reaching 21,629, with a total of 340,834. 

In order to prevent and control the pandemic, the Polish government made new measures on the 30th. Starting from November 2nd, when the nature of the work permits, employees of government departments and public institutions must work remotely. This measure will last for at least two weeks. 

Hungary once again set a new record in a single day

According to the data released by the Hungarian Coronavirus Pandemic Information website, on October 31, local time, there were 3908 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

The number of new cases in a single day once again set a record since the outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic, with a total of 75321 confirmed cases.

There were 51 new deaths, a total of 1,750 deaths, a total of 19,032 cured cases, and 54,549 existing infections. At present, there are 4,048 hospitalized cases, of which 281 are seriously ill and need to use ventilators.

Due to the sharp deterioration of Coronavirus Pandemic situation in Europe, the Hungarian government announced on the 30th that starting from November 2nd, it will once again extend border control measures for one month until December 1. Except for special circumstances such as military convoys and diplomatic missions, foreign citizens are prohibited from entering the country.

Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergency Program, recently stated that from October 19th to 25th, about 46% of confirmed Coronavirus cases and one-third of deaths worldwide came from Europe, and Europe is undoubtedly at the epicenter of the pandemic. .