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UAE college students: Chinese Vaccine Review - Sinopharm vaccine is great ?

UAE college students: Chinese Vaccine Review – Sinopharm vaccine is great ?

by YCPress

So far, the United Arab Emirates has completed more than 8.5 million doses of coronavirus vaccine, most of which are Chinese vaccines.

The young man in the picture is named Hamad. He is 25 years old and a senior student at Zayed University in the United Arab Emirates. Hamad’s father is the personal entourage of Zayed, the founding president of the United Arab Emirates. He has a close relationship with the president. Hamad’s father often invites celebrities from all walks of life to his home to talk about international hot current affairs.

Hamad was deeply impressed by his father’s words and behaviors. He became interested in international politics. When he was in college, he chose to major in international relations and took Chinese at Confucius Institutes. Hamad said that he had a special feeling for China. When he was a child, the figure of “made in China” could be seen everywhere in the United Arab Emirates. When he grew up, the relationship between the United Arab Emirates and China was heating up day by day. He praised China’s rapid development speed, and Chinese teachers and classmates left a deep impression on him.

Hamad, a college student in the United Arab Emirates: Chinese classmates and teachers at the Confucius Institute of Zayed University are kind, gentle, helpful and full of love, which makes me full of motivation to learn Chinese. He has a strong interest in Chinese culture and has expectations for all things related to China.

Hamad said that learning Chinese at Confucius Institutes can not only understand knowledge other than books and the media, but also communicate and interact with Chinese teachers and classmates. However, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has completely disrupted the pace of learning. In order to prevent and control the epidemic, the education department of the United Arab Emirates advocates distance learning, which brings great challenges to Hamad’s Chinese learning.

In March last year, when the epidemic was at its worst, the United Arab Emirates took strict prevention and control measures, closed its borders, built a cabin hospital, and increased testing. Hamad, who was quarantined at home, hesitated. However, three months later, China and the United Arab Emirates announced their cooperation to carry out the third phase of the international clinical trial of the inactivated coronavirus vaccine, which undoubtedly brings new hope to defeat the epidemic. After hearing the news, Hamad was very happy. He volunteered to participate in the experiment and encouraged everyone around him to be vaccinated against China.

Hamad, an UAE college student: Many of my relatives have been vaccinated against China, and those who have not yet been vaccinated are also willing to be vaccinated against China. The protection effect is very obvious after I get the vaccine, so I will encourage my family and relatives to take the vaccine. The results of clinical trials also prove that Chinese vaccines are safe and effective. We can see that the number of confirmed cases in the United Arab Emirates is gradually decreasing after mass vaccination.

In December this year, after graduating from Hamad University, he will officially join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates. He hopes that with the large-scale vaccination of vaccines, life can be back on track, and his international relations and Chinese can be used.

Hamad: I hope that in the future, I can interact with other countries, including China, on behalf of the United Arab Emirates. I hope that the epidemic can be controlled as soon as possible, and that countries can strengthen cooperation (vaccines) to tide over difficulties. Chinese vaccine is great.