Home Politics U.S. X-37 spacecraft can carry six nuclear warheads?
U.S. X-37 spacecraft can carry six nuclear warheads?

U.S. X-37 spacecraft can carry six nuclear warheads?

by YCPress

“The U.S. X-37 spacecraft can carry up to six nuclear warheads, and the U.S. will have eight by 2025, which is a serious challenge.”

This is not an old driver’s nonsense, but a public warning from Jan Novikov, general manager of the Russian military-industrial company Diamond-Antey. “Since the deployment of the first X-37 in 2010, there are now six space fighters of different sizes,” Novikov said in an interview with the media. One of them has been in orbit for a year, and the fourth and fifth have been in space for two years.

U.S. officials say the X-37 was developed for scientific and reconnaissance purposes. But we know that with such a large body and powerful performance, even a small X-37 can carry three nuclear warheads, while a large X-37 can carry six nuclear warheads.” He said the U.S. plans to launch two more X-37s into space by 2025, bringing the total to eight. “This is certainly a serious challenge,” he stressed.

Referring to Diamond-Antai, Russia’s leading anti-aircraft missile development agency, the famous S-300, S-400 and S-500 anti-missile systems are the company’s masterpieces. It is reasonable to say that its general manager should not run the train full of mouths.

The veteran driver has repeatedly checked that the current U.S. X-37 series of unmanned aerial vehicles has indeed been launched into space since 2010 and has been in space for up to two years, with six launches. However, public information indicates that only two of the unmanned aircraft in the series have been built, and that it has a reusable design, with clear records for each launch and return.

Is it russian intelligence that suggests that the X-37B that the U.S. subsequently launched was actually newly built, rather than the model that landed earlier? Similar strategic deceptions in the United States are not without precedent, and Novikov’s statements are true or false, and old drivers are not known.

While western opinion generally believes that the X-37B is more like a technology-proven model than the previously rumored air-to-air fighter, it is certain that the X-37B’s trip to space is mysterious and the U.S. military has so far not revealed what mission it is carrying out. With the trend of U.S. space militarization becoming increasingly apparent, russia’s guess that it has the capability to carry a nuclear warhead is not excessive, based on the principle of “enemy wide.”