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U.S. Secretary of Defense visits Israel

U.S. Secretary of Defense visits Israel

by YCPress

On the morning of April 11th local time, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin arrived in Tel Aviv and began a two-day visit to Israel.

According to the itinerary of the visit, Austin will meet with many senior officials, including Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Gantz, covering “common priorities”. The two sides will focus on the Iranian nuclear issue, the situation in Syria, etc., as well as the issue of the supply of weapons by the United States to Israel.

△ (from left to right) U.S. Secretary of Defense Austin, Israeli Defense Secretary Gantz and Defense Force Chief of Staff Kochawi (Photo from the Internet)

Austin’s visit comes as the Biden administration is trying to engage with Iran to return to the Comprehensive Agreement on Iran’s nuclear issue (Iraqi Nuclear Agreement).

Israel strongly opposes this move, and Netanyahu recently warned that Israel will not be bound by the nuclear agreement signed by other countries with Iran. He declared that Israel would defend the security of his country.

There are indications that the conflict between Israel and Iran is increasingly occurring at sea, such as attacking each other’s ships, which marks a change in the form of the conflict between the two sides, formerly mainly through air strikes, cyber attacks, espionage and land activities.

Earlier on the 11th, Iranian media reported that the power problem caused an accident at Iran’s Natanz underground uranium enrichment plant, with no casualties and pollution. So far, the Israeli government and military have not commented on this incident.

Austin will also travel to Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium after his visit to Israel, according to reports. General Station reporter Tang Xiangwei)