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U.S. officials: U.S. coronavirus vaccine must be "self-use" first

U.S. officials: U.S. coronavirus vaccine must be “self-use” first

by YCPress

February 20 In the face of calls for the equitable distribution of coronavirus vaccines around the world, U.S. government officials said that the United States must first ensure that the vaccine is “self-use” before considering providing “surplus” vaccines to other countries and regions.

On the 18th, the website of the U.S. Politico reported on the 18th that the United States will not provide coronavirus vaccine to underdeveloped countries and regions until Americans complete the vaccination.

The official said, “We can’t share the vaccine at this stage.

Our focus is to vaccinate Americans.” The United States is considering when the “remaining vaccine can be provided”.

On the 5th, the World Health Organization called on countries to share the coronavirus vaccine after completing the vaccination of key populations.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on the 17th that at present, there are serious regional imbalances and inequities in vaccination, and more than 130 countries have not yet started vaccination against the novel coronavirus.

This is a refrigeration device used to store COVID-19 vaccines at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Ltd.’s factory in Michigan, USA. Xinhua News Agency, Photo by Pfizer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

“Vaccine equity is the most serious moral test facing human society right now, and it is imperative to ensure that everyone in all regions can get the coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible,” Guterres said.

The U.S. government expects to get enough vaccinations for people nationwide by the end of July this year, but it will take longer to complete the vaccination.