Home Politics U.S. Navy military personnel to conduct sunk warship drills.
U.S. Navy military personnel to conduct sunk warship drills.

U.S. Navy military personnel to conduct sunk warship drills.

by YCPress

Several U.S. media on the 18th recently released a U.S. Navy military personnel to conduct sunk warship drills. The U.S. Navy’s sinking drills in The Massive Exercise 21 are reminiscent of the sinking tests Chinese the world’s largest naval exercise, the Pacific Rim, more familiar to the world. And the ring Tai military exercises and the drill sinking test is for whom to see, in fact, everyone’s heart is clear, but the objective effect let who panics a batch, then only the parties know.

But while deterring big-power rivals, the U.S. military also appears to have sent a subtle signal to Taiwan’s military. The sinking was the last of the Perry-class frigates to be decommissioned by the U.S. Navy in 2015.

The Taiwan Army only served for several years, “Ming Chuan” and “Pan A” is purchased from the U. S. military retired “Perry” class, and the Taiwan Army received two ships have not been the latest U. S. military sinking “Ingram” young. Lao Liu estimated that the Taiwan army in seeing this sinking picture, may be a moment in the heart. After all, they have high expectations for these two ships.

Let’s first look at what anti-ship weapons the U.S. Navy is using this time. According to the information disclosed so far, at least three ways to participate in the strike drill: “Super Hornet” launched AGM-154 joint off-site ammunition, P-8A anti-submarine patrol aircraft launched AGM-84 “harpoon” anti-ship missiles, the Marine Corps recently developed “Marine Expeditionary Ship Intercept System” launched “Navy strike missiles.”

Taiwan media reported on the sinking drill on the 19th, the tone seems a little helpless, emphasizing that “Ingram” in 1989, the last U.S. Navy sequence of “Perry” class, it just retired in 2015, and then included in sinkEX pre-selection targets. Taiwan media appeared to insist in order to maintain the last one, saying that “she is a tough ship, hit by quite a number of missiles still remain floating.” Unfortunately, the U.S. Navy has not yet provided the footage. ”

Lao Liu believes that from the current U.S. media announced the implementation of the sinking test of the level of anti-ship weapons, the two air-based weapons have nothing new, only the Marine Corps newly developed “Marine Expeditionary Ship Intercept System” launched by the “Navy strike missile” has some new ideas.

The system consists of an unmanned platform modified from the chassis of a joint light tactical vehicle and two “Navy Strike Missiles” launched. During live-fire exercises, two missiles were reportedly deployed in different ways, one by c-130 transport aircraft and the other by ANC hovercraft to test the flexibility of the weapon’s deployment. In addition, the missile is more than 160 kilometers away from the target ship, still accurate hit.

Marine Expeditionary Ship Intercept System.

With this sinking exercise, the United States must be trying to deter big-power adversaries. So the “Perry” class target ship must be pointed, subjectively not to taiwan to see.

However, Lao Liu believes that China and Russia and other countries should see this sinking drill picture will not have much shock, at least Lao Liu has not seen the ring before the military exercises, the U.S. Navy and its allies using a variety of anti-ship weapons to sink retired warships when the shock level is high, but is the Taiwan army on the sidelines There may be a rabbit dead fox sad feeling, after all, the U.S. military sank and Bay boasted of “a great boost to their own combat capabilities” of the main warship, and the United States in the field of anti-ship weapons and some of its major rivals is not a general gap is not a big.

Like the Taiwan media boasted that “missiles are more than 160 kilometers away from the target ship, still accurate hit” so that lao Liu feel really speechless. Therefore, the U.S. military wants to knock the mountain tiger’s sinking test, in the end the shock did not shock the tiger, it is really not good to say, but next to the other small animals may be shaking in the heart.

Finally, Lao Liu also reminded that from the public information of this exercise, the sinking exercise involving the Marine Expeditionary Ship Intercept System is worthy of high attention. The drill process, at least has three major characteristics:

First, unmanned, belong to the unmanned combat platform, can effectively reduce U. S. military casualties.

Second, the flexibility, the exercise launched two “navy strike missiles” from the C-130J transport aircraft and hovercraft mobile delivery ship intercept system, indicating that it can be quickly deployed.

Third, the rapid positioning of strike targets, the battlefield network interconnection ability is strong, can effectively use other combat areas (days, sea, air) platform to determine the target positioning information. Judging from the current transformation and development of the U.S. Marine Corps, the ship interceptor system of this exercise is expected to be the standard configuration of the coastal combat regiment that the U.S. Marine Corps is vigorously promoting in the future.