Home Politics U.S. National Security Agency was exposed to spy on Danish government departments and military industrial enterprises.
U.S. National Security Agency was exposed to spy on Danish government departments and military industrial enterprises.

U.S. National Security Agency was exposed to spy on Danish government departments and military industrial enterprises.

by YCPress

According to a series of confidential reports submitted by Danish Defense Intelligence Agency around 2015, a series of confidential reports submitted by Danish Radio and Television on the 15th showed that the U.S.

National Security Agency used intelligence cooperation with Denmark to monitor Danish ministries of finance, foreign affairs and other government departments, as well as military industrial enterprises and other institutions, and control through Denmark. Privacy data and information on the cable are collected, and illegal intelligence collection is also carried out on Denmark’s military aircraft procurement plan.

The Danish Defense Intelligence Agency insider revealed to Danish Radio and Television that between 2015 and 2016, Denmark was preparing to buy billions of dollars worth of new fighters to replace the aging F-16 fighter. At that time, the “European Fighter” jointly developed by several European countries and the Swedish Saab “Grey Lion” fighter both participated in the Danish bidding for the purchase of new fighter aircraft, and these bidding processes, which lasted for many years, have entered the final stage.

However, the U.S. National Security Agency used the system of cooperation between the United States and Denmark to collect information about these enterprises suspected of illegal intelligence. Denmark finally chose the American F-35 fighter.

In addition, the U.S. National Security Agency has also conducted intelligence searches for alleged illegality by the Danish company Tema, which provides spare parts to the F-35.

The U.S. National Security Agency searched for specific email addresses and phone numbers belonging to the Danish company Tema through an information monitoring system called XKeyscore. These searches point directly to specific employees of Tema Company.

Through this system, the National Security Agency can obtain privacy information that ordinary people can’t access from the Internet, such as email details, browser history, online chat records, and even who is calling who.

However, Danish radio and television reported that it was impossible to determine what information the U.S. National Security Agency was looking for, and it was also impossible to determine how U.S. intelligence agencies would use this information about fighter companies.

What kind of system is Xkeyscore?

According to a report by Danish Radio and Television, the U.S. National Security Agency uses an information monitoring system called Xkeyscore in a series of monitoring and intelligence collection. So what kind of system is Xkeyscore?

Reports written by the whistleblower include how the U.S. National Security Agency used the Xkeyscore system to spy on Danish intelligence, and also monitored Sweden, Germany, France, Norway and even the Netherlands through the system.

Both the National Security Agency and the Danish Defense Intelligence Agency can use Xkeyscore to search for and select massive data in the network communication optical cables passing through Denmark. These data are stored in a data center established by the Danish Defense Intelligence Agency to help the United States.

In 2013, the Xkeyscore information monitoring system was also involved in the “Prismatic Gate” project of the National Security Agency exposed by Snowden. It is reported that the National Security Agency has been using the Xkeyscore system from 2012 to 2015. If the news exposed by Danish Radio and Television is confirmed, the surveillance and surveillance activities in the United States have been carried out during and after the “Prismatic Gate” incident.

Danish Radio and Television reported on the 17th that Danish Defense Ministry spokesman Bertelsen believes that if the National Security Agency monitors Denmark’s important interests, it is a “very serious” matter.

According to the report, the Danish government will set up a committee to investigate the Danish Defense Intelligence Agency, and whether it violates the relevant laws is a key question that must be answered.

This commission of inquiry will be composed of the Danish Minister of Justice, some members of the Ministry of Defense, five parliamentarians, and three national judges. At present, the Danish government has submitted a bill to conduct a strict confidential investigation into the Danish Defense Intelligence Agency.

The bill will investigate the “most core and specific points” of the Danish Defense Intelligence Agency, but does not mention whether the relevant surveillance and monitoring will be included in the investigation.

Bad track, the United States has been monitoring other countries for a long time.

This is not the first time that the United States has been exposed to spy on and monitor its European allies. As the world’s largest cyber attacker, the relevant agencies of the U.S. government have long carried out large-scale and organized cyber theft, monitoring and attacks on foreign governments, enterprises and individuals. Its scope of surveillance and the large amount of information stolen have been criticized by the international community.

In 2013, Snowden, a former employee of the CIA, exposed to the media that the United States has been monitoring the “prism” project of monitoring network communications for many years, causing a world uproar.

Later, the German government said that Chancellor Merkel’s mobile phone might be wiretapped by the Allied U.S. intelligence agencies. Merkel condemned this, calling it a “serious betrayal of trust”. Subsequently, the United States was exposed to eavesdrop on the communication information of at least 35 leaders of France, Brazil and other countries, which was strongly condemned by the international community.

In addition to the “prism gate” incident, there is also a shadow of the United States behind many cyber security incidents such as the “Equation Organization” and “echelon system” that have caused concern to the international community. The U.S. government has built a strong network monitoring system with intelligence agencies such as the National Security Agency as the core, wantonly listening and monitoring other countries around the world.

Recently, the U.S.-led multinational intelligence espionage organization “Five Eyes Alliance” asked some high-tech companies to insert “backdoors” in encrypted applications on the grounds of so-called maintaining public security” to facilitate the “Five Eyes Alliance” to carry out so-called “network law enforcement operations”. An article on the website of Computer Weekly in the UK pointed out that this move runs counter to the principle of true data security.

Recently, the U.S. government has repeatedly proposed the so-called “clean network” plan, the essence of which is to use the name of network security to do “network monitoring”.

Oleg Khramov, deputy secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, said that the United States continues to intensify its reconnaissance and sabotage activities against cyberspace in other countries, while accusing other countries of being the main source of cyber threats, which is tantamount to “thieves shouting to catch thieves”.