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Three senators of the United States will be sworn in, and the Democratic Party officially controls the Senate.

U.S. media reveals the keywords of Biden’s speech: unity, healing, outlook

by YCPress

January 19 that Biden has been co-writing speeches with his family and senior adviser Donilen over the weekend, according to a report entitled “Biden’s inaugural speech is very important, and he may talk about it” on January 17.

The speech will highlight the themes he has mentioned many times in the campaign: unity, healing and vision of the many crises facing the United States. The full text is excerpted as follows:

Biden, the incoming president of office, faces more crises than any other president in modern American history, so his inaugural speech is significant.

Biden has been writing speeches over the weekend with his family and his senior adviser Mike Donilen, an official on Biden’s transition team told NBC News.

The speech will highlight the themes he has repeatedly mentioned in his campaign: solidarity, healing, and a vision of the many crises facing the United States.

Advisers also said that the inaugural speeches would echo some of Biden’s recent speeches, which amounted to testing the theme of the inaugural speech.

Last week, Biden announced a total economic stimulus plan of $1.9 trillion.

He said bipartisanship is essential to solving economic problems and responding to the coronavirus pandemic: “Unity is not a myth – it’s a necessary step when we as a nation must get things done together.”

However, we were told not to expect Biden’s speech to be full of rhetoric.

Biden believes that he can communicate more effectively with the public in a calm tone.

As a Democratic source pointed out, although some of the most famous statements in American political history came from the presidential inaugural speech – Lincoln’s “no evil to anyone, good to everyone”; Franklin Roosevelt’s “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”; Kennedy’s “Don’t Ask what the country can do for you” – but most Americans probably don’t remember most of the president’s inaugural speeches.

The author of the speech bears the pressure of “writing for history”.

But Biden’s allies believe the inaugural address offers him the opportunity to continue his leadership role after the transition period—in times of crisis, to show viewers who tuned in the speech that he will be firmly in control of the whole situation.

That’s why Biden often had the simple phrase in his transition speech: “Help is coming,” the Democratic source said.

The source said: “People just want life to return to normal slightly, and hope that leaders know what they are doing and act steadily.

Biden is well aware of this.” The speech will have a typical “Biden style” because “unity is what Biden is characteristic and what he believes in”.

Donilan, the chief designer of Biden’s inaugural speech, has been by Biden’s side for his previous campaigns.

He is working with Vinay Reddy, Biden’s speechwriting director, who served Biden as vice president.

The challenge Biden faces is to win over Trump’s strong supporters.

In his last presidential debate, he said that if elected, he would say at the time of office: “I am the President of the United States.

Whether you vote for me or against me, I will represent all of you.”

Biden aides said the speech might conclude with a theme that Biden has emphasized in almost every speech over the past six months: in the face of challenges, as long as Americans work together, there is nothing that cannot be done.

Kate Bedingfield, the incoming director of the White House Communications Liaison Office, said in an interview with ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday local time that Biden’s inaugural speech “will be consistent with his speech during the presidential campaign, and he believes that we can unite our country.

He believes that we must unite the country, and only a united United States can cope with the current large-scale crisis.”

“At that point, President-designate Biden will work to dispel the differences and hatred of the past four years, to open a new chapter, truly outline a positive and optimistic vision for the country, and chart a path that appeals to all people to go hand in hand,” Bedingfield said.