Home Politics U.S. media reveals Biden’s White House schedule: from nine to seven, they will read people’s letters every night.
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U.S. media reveals Biden’s White House schedule: from nine to seven, they will read people’s letters every night.

by YCPress

Although he is already an “old acquaintance” of the White House, Biden’s daily work schedule as the new president of the United States is still under attention.

Even if he is surrounded by a large number of Secret Service agents every day, ready to follow up on top secrets in the United States and deal with the tracking of news media, Biden, as an “old man” who has experienced Washington for decades, seems to be more “handy” in his work than his predecessor. .

President Biden, who has only been in office for less than a month, reportedly set a fixed schedule for his work: he will first drink coffee with First Lady Jill every weekday morning, and start meetings at the President’s Oval Office around 9 o’clock.

Call, and he will “go home” at about 19 o’clock every day, which is actually back to the presidential residence on the second floor of the White House.

CNN revealed that Biden often wears a pile of documents when he comes home from work, and he always carries a brown leather briefcase when he arrives to the office.

According to CNN, former President Obama is used to reading the president’s daily briefings at night, while Trump likes to watch TV at night, compared with Biden’s early-to-bed, but he maintains the tradition of reading letters from the American people and replying every day.

There will always be several letters in the documents at home.

In fact, the Bidens are very familiar with the White House. He worked here for eight years during his vice president, so Biden joked at the inauguration that he “feels like he is going home”.

According to People’s Weekly on February 3, “First Lady” Gill said in an interview with the White House that although the White House has changed a lot, there are still something exactly the same as they remember, such as the kitchen garden left by Michelle Obama.

According to CNN, after taking office, Biden showed Vice President Harris the window he wrote Valentine’s Day greetings to his wife during his vice president.

According to CNN on February 16, Biden’s work rhythm is now more orderly than when Trump took office, and Trump’s aides have set aside a lot of “administrative time” to meet his TV and phone calls.

The meetings hosted by Biden seem to be held more on time, but they usually take longer than planned.

Biden still insists on attending public gatherings, such as church events, etc., except on weekdays, and usually with “First Lady” Gill.

CNN commented on the 16th that Biden and Jill seem to be more willing to publicly express their close relationship than the previous “first couple”.