Home Politics U.S. media exposed an absurd news about the Trump family, which is also related to the toilet.
After leaving Washington, the photos of the Ivanka couple's life in Miami were exposed.

U.S. media exposed an absurd news about the Trump family, which is also related to the toilet.

by YCPress

Although January 20 is the official day for President-elect Biden to take office, these days, the mainstream media in the United States have been laying the ground for the negative reports on the current President Trump of the United States and his family that they are tired of.

Well, today the Washington Post exposed another extremely absurd news about Trump’s family, and this news is also related to the toilet…

According to the Washington Post, this ridiculous news about the toilet is:

Because Trump’s daughter Ivanka and daughter Kushner refused to protect their U.S. agents from using all six toilets in his family, the agents had to turn to their neighbors for help from their neighbors to borrow toilets, such as the former U.S. President Obama’s house.

Eventually, these agents had to rent a room with toilets for $3,000 a month to use the toilet…

At present, this news has become one of the hottest topics on the American social networking website “Twitter”. A large number of American netizens and media reporters are angrily denouncing Trump’s daughters for the abuse of secret service personnel, forcing them to borrow toilets at Obama’s house, and even have to pay extra money to rent toilets.

What’s more surprising is that not only did the White House deny this, but also the U.S. Secret Service said that it was not true.

In a follow-up report of CNN, a White House spokesman accused the media of fabricating fake news, saying that when the U.S. Secret Service began to discuss how to protect Ivanka and Kushner’s home in 2017, Trump’s daughters daughters had made it clear that they welcomed the use of the home by secret service. The facilities in the middle, and very respect for these special agents who protect their safety.

The spokesman also said that the U.S. Secret Service itself proposed that its personnel were not suitable for using facilities such as toilets in their homes.

The news was also confirmed by a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service. This person said that one of the principles of protection provided by secret agents is to cause minimal disturbance to the protected family.

Therefore, the secret service personnel did not apply to Ivanka and Kushner for the use of his toilet, and neither of them refused the secret service personnel to enter their home and use the toilet.

However, so far, no mainstream media in the United States has questioned the report of the Washington Post in turn, or any mainstream rumor-refuting website in the United States has “refuting rumors” Ivanka and Kushner.

The Washington Post updated their original report and supplemented the Secret Service’s response after issuing clarifications.

However, from the tone of the newspaper, they are still more inclined to believe Ivanka and Kushner’s statement that secret agents do not use the toilet, on the grounds that the newspaper received from relevant law enforcement sources and relevant officials, and the process of these secret services who protect Ivanka and Kushner’s search for toilets is also the same.” It was too long” and “quirky” – so much so that they had to borrow toilets from the secret agents who defended former President Obama and current Vice President Pence.

However, the newspaper did not disclose the identity of the sources and officials who accused Ivanka and Kushner of not allowing access to the toilet.

In addition, the Washington Post also quoted some neighbors who were more disgusted with the Trumps, who expressed sympathy for the secret service staff having to find a toilet while also criticized the Trumps’ practice.

However, the newspaper did not disclose whether the neighbors knew the truth about the toilet.

But mainstream public opinion in the United States obviously is not very interested in these “details”.

Only some Trump supporters and some pro-Trump White House employees are angrily denouncing the American media for fabricating “fake news”.

After all, when Trump, a president who is extremely unpopular with the mainstream media in the United States and faced impeachment by the U.S. Congress last week for inciting “riots”, less than a few days left to step down, more Americans are interested in seeing how he and his family will make a fool of themselves.