Home Business U.S. media commented on the ban on U.S. investment related to China
U.S. media commented on the ban on U.S. investment related to China

U.S. media commented on the ban on U.S. investment related to China

by YCPress

New York, January 13 – In response to the signing of an executive order by US President Trump late last year prohibiting U.S. investors from investing in companies owned or controlled by the Chinese military, Bloomberg reported on the 13th that the executive order, which came into effect on January 11 this year, has confused the U.S. financial community, and the content of the executive order may be unclear. Have a broader market impact than expected.

The report said that it is not clear whether the executive order prohibits the financing of all customers around the world from investing in the above-mentioned Chinese companies or only for American customers.

Some companies believe that the ban must be respected globally; others believe that it can still serve customers who are not in the United States. In addition, many financial intermediaries are not clear whether to continue to deal with related transactions.

The report believes that this executive order may limit many non-U.S. investors, increase the pressure to sell their stocks, bonds, financial derivatives, etc., and reduce liquidity.

In response to the above-mentioned executive order, Wang Wenbin, spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the U.S. government maliciously slandered and slandered China’s civil-military integration development policy, abused national power, unreasonably suppressed Chinese enterprises, seriously violated the principles of market competition and international economic and trade rules, and seriously interfered with normal economic, trade and investment cooperation between China and the United States.

This move not only seriously harms the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises, but also harms the interests of investors in various countries, including the United States.