Home Politics U.S. governor risks being conspired to kidnap just because Pandemic prevention is “too strict”
U.S. governor risks being conspired to kidnap just because Pandemic prevention is "too strict"

U.S. governor risks being conspired to kidnap just because Pandemic prevention is “too strict”

by YCPress

Overseas Network, October 27. Following the governors of Michigan and Virginia, the governor of Ohio has also become a target of kidnapping recently. The three kidnappers followed for the same reason, which was to support the closure of commercial activities and stay-at-home orders during the Pandemic.

Ohio Governor Dwyane (Associated Press)

The US media headline stated that in 2020, three US governors have become kidnapping targets for supporting blockade measures.

According to the US “Newsweek” on the 26th, citing Ohio media sources, a Republican activist Renner Turner had attempted to kidnap and try Governor Mike Dwyane, and planned to “execute or exile” him. 

It is understood that Turner has repeatedly protested Dwyane’s pandemic prevention policy before and has also called for the arrest of the governor with a group of Republicans in the state to make him responsible for the economic losses caused by the pandemic prevention policy.

The report said that last week someone went to the local police station to report Turner, saying that the latter wanted to recruit him to join a group of armed men to “capture” Dwyane. 

The person stated that he rejected Turner’s request and quickly contacted the police. Turner herself said that she did consider detaining Dwyane at home, but did not propose a specific plan, and the police had already visited her. 

The police responded that the case has been transferred to the local department and no lawsuit has been filed yet.

Dwyane responded to this at a press conference, saying that he did not understand any conspiracy to arrest him. “There are people in every state who feel that they can enforce the law themselves.” He said, “Some people think that the government is illegal and that they can overthrow the government at will. All of us should condemn this wrong perception.”

In early October, the US media reported a conspiracy to kidnap and murder Michigan Governor Whitmer, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) discovered that Virginia Governor Northam was also the target of this group.

 US media said that although the plan against Dwyane has not been found to be related to the above-mentioned conspiracy, the three governors have all introduced strict pandemic prevention policies during the pandemic. 

Dwyane from the Republican Party even stopped a large-scale event before the confirmed cases in the state, reducing the estimated income of 53 million U.S. dollars. Since then, he has been opposed by people in the party.