Home Politics U.S. diplomats sent two rare messages demanding Pompeo publicly condemn Trump and support his recall.
U.S. diplomats sent two rare messages demanding Pompeo publicly condemn Trump and support his recall.

U.S. diplomats sent two rare messages demanding Pompeo publicly condemn Trump and support his recall.

by YCPress

Trump’s “inciting” supporters to seize Congress has been criticized from all directions. However, his “faithful fighter” Secretary of State Pompeo fell into the “double standard” of accusing other countries of “inciting riots” and daring to criticize his president. American diplomats who feel “difficult to do work” began to put pressure on them.

According to the Associated Press on the 10th local time, diplomats of the U.S. State Department rarely submitted two messages to Secretary of State Pompeo, asking him to publicly condemn Trump’s “incitement” supporters to storm the Capitol and support his removal from the presidency.

The report said that American career diplomats and civil servants worried in the message that last week’s riots could “seriously damage the credibility of the United States in promoting democratic values around the world”.

The message called on Pompeo to condemn Trump without discrimination and demand “name name” as he usually did when he accused other countries of elections.

“The key is that the State Department must unequivocally condemn President Trump’s role in this violent attack on the U.S. government. Just as we regularly condemn those foreign leaders who disrupt peaceful democratic processes and suppress the will of voters through violence and threats.

The public statement of the State Department must explicitly mention the president’s name.”

The message said that failure to do so would “further hurt American democracy and undermine America’s ability to achieve foreign policy goals overseas”.

Conversely, it can send a “strong signal” to allies and opponents, so that “the beacon of democracy can still shine in dark moments”.

The message also called on Pompeo to support Vice President Pence and other cabinet members to “defend the country”, including “consider invoking the 25th amendment to the U.S. Constitution” at an appropriate time, which remove Trump from the presidency.

It is reported that these two messages began to be circulated among U.S. diplomats last weekend, and then submitted to Pompeo and other leaders through a special communication channel of the U.S. Department of State.

Career diplomats usually use this channel to express their opposition to specific policies.

At present, it is not clear how many diplomats signed their support in the message.

Pompeo and the U.S. State Department did not respond to the report.

As we all know, Trump has been at a long-standing feud with the establishment diplomatic elite of the United States.

He even described the State Department as a “deep state department” in front of Pompeo, and was criticized for neither understanding nor attaching importance to diplomacy.

However, the Associated Press still comments that the two messages written by diplomats protesting against the current president are still “extremely unusual” and “unprecedented” in criticizing Trump’s strength and describing him as a “American threat”.

Moreover, the message also reflects the anger of American diplomats against their immediate superior Pompeo. 

In particular, in response to the congressional riots, he did not identify Trump’s “inflammatory” role, nor did he admit that the incident made it more difficult for the United States to shame and promote “democratic diplomacy” overseas.

The U.S. Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) revealed on the 7th local time that Pompeo had discussed support for the removal of Trump by U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, but there has not made substantial progress for the time being.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi said that the House of Representatives will bring forward a second impeachment of Trump as soon as this week.

Pompeo did not respond to the report or make it clear whether he supported the removal of the president.

On the 8th, while condemning the violence on Twitter, he refused to admit that American democracy had become a laughingstock, insisting that “the United States is not a banana republic”.