Home Politics U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Clarke attacked and slandered China during his visit to Egypt, Liao Liqiang, the ambassador to Egypt, severely refuted
U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Clarke attacked and slandered China during his visit to Egypt Liao Liqiang the ambassador to Egypt severely refuted

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Clarke attacked and slandered China during his visit to Egypt, Liao Liqiang, the ambassador to Egypt, severely refuted

by YCPress

On October 25th, Ambassador Liao Liqiang held a press conference at home and abroad to refute the wanton attacks and slander of China during the US Deputy Secretary of State Clark’s recent visit to Egypt. More than a dozen mainstream media from Egypt and Chinese media in Egypt participated. The actual record is as follows:

During a recent visit to Egypt by US Deputy Secretary of State Clarke, he deliberately spread lies against China and Chinese companies, and carried out smear and vicious attacks on China and Chinese companies. China expresses its strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to the aforementioned words and deeds of the US. There is an Arab proverb, “A lie is a poison, and the truth is an antidote.” I would like to take this opportunity to explain the truth of the facts and China’s position to friends from the Egyptian journalists.

First of all, the “clean network” advocated by the US is actually a “dirty network”, “eavesdropping network”, “monopoly network” and also “ideological network.”

According to the information disclosed in the “Prism Gate” incident, the US National Security Agency has been mining data and intelligence through applications for many years. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, Google Maps, and even the mobile game “Angry Birds” have been forced to choose Cooperation. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s disclosure, the intelligence agencies of the US National Security Agency and other members of the “Five Eyes Alliance” used Google’s application store to plant spyware and cracking program vulnerabilities in mobile phones, successfully stealing massive amounts of information. The Washington Post has also disclosed that the National Security Agency has cooperated with the British Government Communications Headquarters to frequently hack into the cloud servers of Google and Yahoo to collect hundreds of millions of private information. According to the New Zealand Herald, the United States, together with the New Zealand intelligence agency, conducted cyber-secrets on the data cable of the Chinese Consulate General in Auckland. Snowden’s exposure of the US “Prime Class” project also shows that the United States has installed monitoring equipment in its nearly 100 embassies and consulates abroad to eavesdrop on the countries in which they are stationed. So, who is carrying out the cyber theft? ! A large number of facts revealed the truth.

It must be pointed out that for some time, the U.S. has spared no effort to build a so-called “clean network.” Without any real evidence, it has wantonly slandered and slandered China and Chinese companies, generalized the concept of national security, abused national power, and treated relevant Chinese companies. Various restrictive measures have been adopted, which is a naked hegemonic act. The real purpose of the United States is not to maintain network security and protect privacy, but to consolidate its own digital hegemony. So far, Chinese companies have not had a network security incident similar to the “Snowden Incident” and “WikiLeaks”, nor has there been a network surveillance surveillance similar to the “Prism Gate”, “Formula Organization”, and “Echelon System”. No country can show evidence of “backdoor” related products of Chinese companies.

What I want to emphasize is that the Chinese government’s position on cyber security issues has always been clear. We have always resolutely opposed and cracked down on all forms of cyber hacker attacks in accordance with the law. China is a staunch defender of network security. The Chinese government, military and related personnel have never engaged in or participated in the theft of trade secrets through the Internet. China advocates advancing global data governance cooperation on the basis of extensive consultation, joint contribution and sharing, and proposed the “Global Data Security Initiative.” Individual politicians in the United States lobbied everywhere to prevent Chinese companies from gaining a leading edge in the 5G field, and even used national power to suppress it by all means. In the era of globalization, 5G development should be discussed and shared by all countries. The politicization of 5G issues and the practice of small circles are not conducive to the development of 5G, contrary to the principle of fair competition, and not in line with the common interests of the international community. It also does not meet the desire of the broad masses of people to pursue a better life.

This American official attacked the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government, saying that “Chinese leaders have shown a high degree of hostility on information security issues” and “Chinese law requires Chinese companies to provide the government with customer data.” What I want to tell you is , This is a complete lie.

For a period of time, American politicians have been hysterical, concocted all kinds of lies, and carried out vicious attacks on the Chinese Communist Party. This will only inspire the Chinese people to give stronger support to the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government. A survey report by an international authoritative organization shows that the Chinese Communist Party-led government has more than 90% of the people’s satisfaction and trust, ranking first among all governments. Since the beginning of this year, the whole world has seen that under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people are united in one heart and united as one, and have achieved major strategic results in fighting the epidemic. A poll in Singapore shows that after this fight against the epidemic, the Chinese people’s satisfaction and trust in the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government have reached a record high.

Not long ago, the Communist Party of China ushered in the 99th anniversary of its founding. More than 100 political parties in the world, including many parties in Egypt, sent congratulatory messages to the Communist Party of China. They made an objective and positive evaluation of the historic achievements of the Communist Party of China. They believed that since the founding of the Communist Party of China, it has made arduous efforts and great sacrifices for the Chinese nation to stand up, become prosperous, and strengthen. China has regained its vigor and vitality, and led the Chinese people on the right path of great national rejuvenation.

The US official also said, “The Chinese government imposes sanctions on Chinese citizens who do not use Chinese equipment.” This is a complete rumor. Let me give a simple example: According to relevant authoritative reports, Apple sold 27.5 million mobile phones in China in 2019. Apple is an American company. This is a fact.

In addition, the US official said, “Due to human rights violations and lack of democracy, some large international companies have begun to withdraw from the Chinese market.” This is completely self-deception. In fact, according to a recent questionnaire survey by the Ministry of Commerce of China, 99.1% of foreign-funded enterprises now say they will continue to invest and operate in China. The US-China Business Council’s recent survey of more than 150 companies also showed that US companies are still optimistic about the Chinese market. The third China International Import Expo is now under preparation. Compared with previous years, more well-known companies have signed up to participate. For example, the average exhibition area of ​​Fortune 500 and industry-leading companies has increased by 14% compared with the second.

I would also like to point out that from January to September this year, China’s actual utilization of foreign capital still increased by more than 2.5% year-on-year. With the global spread of Coronavirus Pandemic and the continued downturn in cross-border direct investment, this fully demonstrates the resilience and vitality of China’s economy. Many foreign companies use China as a “safe haven” for multinational investment, and they have increased their investments. For example, a large number of large projects such as BMW, Daimler, Siemens, Toyota, LG, Exxon Mobil, and BASF have increased capital and expanded production in China.

The American official also talked about China’s Xinjiang and Hong Kong, which was also a lie. The first lie is that “China’s Xinjiang imprisoned 1 million Muslims.” I gave a comprehensive explanation to my Egyptian journalist friends at several press conferences, and the truth is here. Many Egyptian diplomats, scholars, and journalists have been to Xinjiang. They have published articles and written books to introduce to the Egyptian people a real, lovely and harmonious Xinjiang.

Today I want to refute this rumor from the US again. It comes from a non-governmental organization funded by the National Democracy Foundation of the United States, and was fabricated by this organization. The establishment of a vocational skill education and training center in Xinjiang in accordance with the law is a useful attempt and active exploration for preventive counter-terrorism and de-radicalization. This is no different from the de-radicalization measures taken by many countries in the world, and it has achieved positive results. There have been no cases of violence and terrorism in Xinjiang for nearly four years. As of last year, all the trainees who participated in the “Three Studies and One Go” training at the Xinjiang Education and Training Center had completed their studies, and they had achieved stable employment and led a peaceful life.

Regarding the Hong Kong National Security Law, I have introduced it to you many times. In fact, you can see from television reports that the biggest change since the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law is to attack citizens, smash, smash, rob and burn, destroy public facilities, and even attack. Police violence has been greatly reduced. This fully shows that the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law has enabled the people of Hong Kong to live and work in peace, make Hong Kong’s anti-epidemic more orderly and efficient, and make Hong Kong’s resumption of work and production more stable.

For a period of time, some U.S. politicians have unscrupulously spread rumors and smeared China on a global scale, and forced other countries to choose sides. This is the most shameful behavior in contemporary international politics, which fully exposes the nature of unilateral bullying and selfishness in the United States. The United States not only abandons its international obligations, but also attempts to deprive developing countries of their right to development. In this sense, to support China, support multilateralism, support the basic norms of international relations, and support the common interests of emerging market economic communities is to support international fairness and justice. Today in the 21st century, the world has no “overlord” who can trample on the principle of non-interference in internal affairs, and there is no human rights “master” who can override the independent choice of the development path of the people of all countries.

China and Egypt have established diplomatic relations for 64 years. Egypt was the first Arab country to establish diplomatic relations with New China, and it is a world-famous country with ancient civilizations. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Egypt, under the care of the leaders of the two countries, political mutual trust has been continuously strengthened, pragmatic cooperation has been intensified, people’s friendship has been deepened, civilized exchanges and mutual learning have continued to develop, and the two countries’ consensus on regional and international issues has also been increasing. . China and Egypt are a comprehensive strategic partnership that truly embodies the good friends, partners and brothers of major developing countries. Especially under the wise planning and leadership of President Xi Jinping and President Sisi, the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Egypt has continued in recent years. Go deeper and go stronger.

President Sisi said that Egypt and China are special friendly partners. President Xi Jinping and President Sisi have reached a strategic consensus to build the relationship between China and Egypt into a pilot model for China, Arab and African countries to build a community with a shared future for mankind. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chinese people have seen it, and the Egyptian people have seen it too. The two fraternal countries and people have helped and supported each other. The Chinese people will never forget that Minister of Health Harley visited China as the President’s special envoy and brought anti-epidemic supplies. Egypt’s three major world cultural heritages reflect China’s five-star red flag to support China’s fight against the epidemic. The Egyptian people have also personally felt that the Chinese government has reciprocated and sent anti-epidemic supplies many times. There is a famous saying in Arabic, “Facts speak louder than words”. The strategic mutual trust between China and Egypt, like the Pyramid and the Great Wall, cannot be shaken by any external forces. The cooperation between China and Egypt and the friendship between the two peoples are like the water of the Nile and the Yangtze River rushing forward, and no one can stop it. of.

As an example. Recently, there was an influential public opinion survey in the Arab world. The Arab people have the highest appreciation of China’s foreign policy and China’s Middle East policy, reaching 55%, and they have done something to individual countries that bully hegemony, “retire from the group” and seek personal gain. The understanding of what he has done is also reflected in the fair and objective evaluation of the people. I suggest that Deputy Secretary of State Krach take a serious look at the report of the poll to see where the hearts of the people are and what the opinions of the people are! Egypt is a sovereign and independent country with a glorious tradition of maintaining an independent foreign policy. The relationship between China and Egypt does not allow any foreign forces to dictate or provoke divorce, including the United States. We firmly believe that the Egyptian government and people will proceed from their own fundamental interests and the long-term development of Egypt, and make independent judgments and choices. The friendship between the people of China and Egypt is very deep. We believe that the Egyptian people have a very fair scale in their hearts and their eyes are sharp.

After the press conference, the participating Egyptian media published more than ten reports on the same day, detailing the content of Ambassador Liao’s speech.